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The exercise "Fist like a Bullet" is a hard external exercise, it belongs to the YANG force. It is designed for perfecting blows at the enemy with the joints of the second finger phalanges set forward as regard to the front surface of a fist. It is also one of the methods of "Deadly Arm".

The training method is quite simple and resembles the exercise "Saddle" (MA AN GONG). But the exercise "Saddle" trains the force of the front striking surface of a fist and this exercise, finger joints. The hand is not completely clenched into fist, the fingers in the first phalange bend and take their place near the third joints (i.e. under the joints of the third phalanges, at the edge of a palm from the finger side). Fingers are not completely clenched into fist. The inner part of the hand (from the palm side) forms a plane. The thumb, bending, is placed in the central part of the palm. The hand position is like that one during a seizure of an enemy's arm in the technique QING NA (Shaolin art of seizing with simultaneous press at vulnerable points). After the acquirement of proper shaping of the hand position, deliver blows forward,

Editor's notes:

One of the hieroglyphs in the name of this exercise has two readings and different senses; the second reading is TAN, a spring.

Chisel Fist Self Defense

using the joints. At the first stage, it is necessary to deliver blows as if with a chisel on the surface of a flat wooden board. When a blow is hit, the elbow is bent and accompanies the fist, this movement should be made with the use of the energy XU ("to collect", "to accumulate"). Unlike the exercise "Saddle", the arm for a blow must not be kept straight (straightened, unbent) by stretching it. The man who has acquired the use of finger joints is capable of inflicting an injury to the enemy by hitting his muscles, but there are extremely few such people. An exceptionally effective ("strong" in the original text) "weapon" can be formed thanks to this exercise, what is called "to overpower hardness with hardness". However, it is not unquestionable in all cases, too great zeal or excessive training can lead to injuries, especially at the first stage, during the first few months. Therefore, when you start (to train) hands, you must be attentive and careful. It is necessary to start from the simple and the easy and gradually proceed to the complicated and the difficult. Avoid the danger (of injuries) arising from ardent aspiration for mastership. It is necessary to wash hands once with tinctures each day, before and after the exercise.

The first stage of training will result in a depression made in the wooden board after many blows. Then, it is necessary to take a stone and continue to train yourself as before. When a depression appears in the stone, take a steel plate. The natural property of a stone is solidity (hardness), a steel plate is still stronger and, additionally it has such a quality as elasticity. Therefore, training in "hardness" must also include "soft" effort. The ability to chisel a depression in a steel plate with finger joints shows that a high level of the skill has been achieved. But it needs four or five years of stubborn training at least to attain that. This GONG FU also belongs to the section "Deadly Arm", but it is more effective as compared with the skills of "Finger Lock" (SUO ZHI GONG) and "Making Holes in Stones" (DIAN SHI GONG). In many methods fingers are used, but in this case joints are employed. Joints have no

other practical use except hitting the enemy . After the successful end of training you will be able to deliver a blow so hard that it will be fatal to the enemy. In a peaceful situation one must not have even a desire to injure a man, that's why a trainee who has acquired this method well must be always cautious and careful. Under no circumstances should you, if you rely on your skill, behave rudely and arrogantly, you will not, then, happen to injure a man because of reckless or careless behavior. Forerunners said: "Harm can be done suddenly and accidentally, those who learn martial techniques must be very watchful". One can injure bones by a blow after learning this skill during one year. It is similar to the method "Bone Injury" (XIE GU) of the style "Tiger's Claws" (HU ZHAO QUAN).

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