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The exercise "Bag" is the "soft" Gong Fu, it develops "internal" power and belongs to the YIN category, but it contains some elements of YANG. It is not training with a bag, that is the name of a method for exercising the stomach. The training purport is the development of ability to withstand enemies attacks.

At the first stage of the training process it is necessary to sit, calm down

thoughts and breath, strain QI in the region of the waist . Stroke the stomach with both hands 36 times: the left hand moves first, then the right one. Release QI94, then stroke with both hands in the reverse direction95. Repeat several times in that manner. In one or two years your stomach will become as soft as silk. However, if you strain QI, your stomach becomes as hard as iron. After that stand a support and lay a log on it. Press your stomach to its butt-end, strain QI, try to embrace the butt-end with your stomach and pull the log back. At the beginning the log will surely fall out. But over time, after long training, you will learn to "drawn in" the log so it cannot be pulled off even with great effort. It means full success has been gained. Now if you "drawn in" the butt-end of the log with your stomach and then strain QI and abruptly push out the log, it will fly directly forward. If the enemy punches at your stomach, his fist will stick in the stomach and it will be difficult to pull the fist out - such a feeling as if handcuffs were locked, causing pain. Even

Editor's notes:

93 Most probably, it implies so-called "belly breathing" when the chest is immovable and breathing movements are done due to straining and relaxing muscles of the stomach, especially muscles of its lower part.

94 The term QI is known to have several meanings, in particular, "internal energy" and "air". So, most probably, "release QI" in this context means a deep breath-out and mental relaxation.

95 Here circular motions of hands are evidently implied.

spears and swords can do no harm. BU DAI GONG is a combination of YIN and YANG with "hardness" and "softness" to supplement each other. This kind of GONG FU is not to be identified with the "hard" GONG FU "Iron Bull" (see par.#36), they are different methods.

It needs 10 years of hard work to get full success. I had occasions to see Shang Yung Siang's performances when he withstood the strongest blows at his stomach and "drawn in" an attacking fist - they were wonderful shows.

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