It is necessary to free yourself from the hard force and there will be no ground for fear and anxiety

The exercise "Pulling out a Mountain" belongs to the "hard" methods which strengthen the "internal" and at the same time develop the "soft" YIN force. The exercise is aimed at training the ability of "pulling out and holding" with the use of "empty force" (XU LI) of wrist. With this method, you will be able to win.

At the beginning, it is necessary to take a wooden pole, one ZHANG (3.3 m) long, make one of its ends pointed and dig securely into the ground to a half of its length approximately. Pour around it clay (or any mixture which can harden) with sand and small stones. The pole must stand very securely and should not become even a bit loose. Having done that preparation, it is necessary to hold strongly the pole with three fingers (thumb, middle finger and forefinger) every day and try to pull it up, applying all the strength. In the beginning the pole stands as strong as a mountain and in spite of all efforts no effect is seen. But keep constancy persistently, then fingers and the wrist will be stronger with every day. The pole gradually

begins to move and rise up, when it is completely pulled out from the ground, the first stage of training is over. In the process of doing the exercise it is necessary to summon your strength and pull the pole up, the pole should not be shaken from side to side. The wooden pole being pulled up, use an iron pole, dig half of it into the ground and exercise. At training time to pull the iron pole from the ground. At that stage the "hard" Yang force is completely achieved. That technique also facilitates to master such a method as "Strength of Eagle's Claws" YING ZHAO LI FA (see par.#35), because success will be also achieved in training the "soft" YIN force. The exercise being acquired, it will be of no importance if an enemy or some thing is in front of you: the only thing you have to do is to raise your arm and the enemy or the thing will be also risen. That method can not cause death but it can injure muscles and bones, it has resemblance in that to the method "Strength of Eagle's Claws".

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