It is possible to obtain a result only by making tremendous efforts and spending much time

The skill "Piercing Through Stones" serves for strengthening the "outer" power of the body, it is designed to rear the YANG force in a human body. That skill is aimed at training the "indicative force" of two fingers. After mastering it you can kill a man, just touching him with your hand. As regard to its effectiveness, it is similar to some "soft" exercises for finger training.

When you master the skill DIEN SHI GONG, you will be able to concentrate all your force in fingers, or in finger tips, to speak more correctly. Using only fingers, it is possible to do a lot of harm to the health of a man, moreover, it is possible to inflict severe wounds in him. You will be able to hit a man, even if some physical obstacle separates you from him. At that, it is necessary to indicate directly at the man whose health you would like to do harm. Only in that case the use of that skill will have the highest efficiency. It should be realized well and kept in mind from the start of training. When you finish learning the exercise, you will be able to hit easily people only with your fingers and inflict on them severe wounds, even those ones that cause death. If one needs to cure such wounds with herbal medicine, he has to cure the whole body. If

only fingers are capable of inflicting such body damages, what could you say about the whole arm and the destructive force which can be contained in it?

The method to acquire the skill is a simplest one. It is necessary to press two fingers (forefinger and middle finger) to each other and stretch them forward. The fourth finger and the little finger should be bent so that their pads may touch the center of the palm and be pressed strongly to it. The thumb should be pressed to the fourth finger and the little finger from above. Thus, the hand should look like that one squeezing the sword JIAN. Then, point finger tips that are stretched forward at some object and as if prick it with strength. That skill should be developed during many days.

It is best of all to train oneself in the beginning as follows: take some amount of soft soil, carefully pound it, mix it with liquid glue until it becomes stringy, wrap in a piece of cloth and leave it to dry up (to harden). Than draw a great number of small circles (on the cloth) with a middle-sized brush for writing hieroglyphs. Later, it will be necessary to thrust your fingers, fold as above, into the circles. At first, it is necessary to use one circle and prick it with fingers until a recess appears in it. Later, it will be necessary to make a recess in the second circle etc.

It is necessary to increase gradually number of exercises with each recess to make them ever deeper. So, daily number of exercises with each hole must reach ten. After two years of such training when you can easily pierce through the earth you may proceed to exercises with light stones. The principle of doing the exercises will remain the same as that one with earth.

Two more years later, when you can easily pierce through stones, the skill DIEN SHI GONG will have been mastered. At present this skill in use is as effective as in the past. Having acquired the technique, you yourself will have to understand the importance of this exercise for the Martial Art. Don't be blind, try to understand clearly the meaning of learning DIEN SHI GONG. The man who learns and improves the method must be very persistent from the very beginning. Training one of the skills of "Deadly Hand", he must concentrate his utmost attention to it without stopping to learn in no time. It is not so easy just to stretch an arm and inflict on a man such injuries that will cause death. Trainees who pay attention to all those things will master the skill "Piercing Through Stones" to perfection.

After it one may proceed to learn the skill of striking at vulnerable points DIAN XUE SHU to become more powerful.

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