Method of drawing in Yin Xi Yin Gong

"The method of drawing in YIN" is the "soft" GONG FU, it deals with the "inner" training and belongs to the YIN category. The purport of the method is to learn to draw in the left and right testicles into the lower part of the abdomen with a direct flow of QI to avoid their damage by the enemy. During the first stage of training it is necessary to be quiet and serene, eliminate all extraneous thoughts and move QI through the whole torso up to the lower part of the abdomen. Then, raise QI up. Move QI up and down in cycles in such a way. It can be repeated several times a day, but do not overstrain yourself extremely, otherwise you can harm your health and QI may be in decline. During the first sessions of training you will not have any unusual feelings. But over some time, when you descend QI into DANTIEN, the scrotum will become inflated like a ball. When you direct QI up, the testicles follow it and finally come to the lower part of the abdomen. Outside is only the scrotum. Therefore, enemies will not be able to damage them. In that case you have gained the complete success. Thus, when raising QI up, the testicles are drawn into the abdomen, and when descending QI, the scrotum becomes hard, which also protects the testicles.

50. Technique of "Rubbing and Thrusts" (MO CHA SHU).

The technique of "Rubbing and Thrusts" belongs to "hard" and "external" exercises, it is "hard" Yang force as to its character, but at the same time it also strengthens the inner spirit. The training method is rather simple and understandable, that skill is used in such techniques as "Methods of impact on acupoints" (DIAN XUE SHU), "Methods of impact on bones" (YU GU FA) and other basic methods of Gong Fu.

The method of training is as follows. Stand up and put feet together at the first gleam of light in the East. It is necessary to stand freely, close the mouth and "hide the tongue"67, reach complete composure. After jointing both palms, rub them 20 times on each other. At first, lay the right palm on the center of your chest, and the left palm on your spine. Thus, both palms face each other. Do 40-50 rubbings with palms, making circular movements. Then, move the right palm to the back and the left palm to the center of the chest and do 40-50 rubbings as above described. You must not breathe out

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