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"The Skill of Tortoise Back" is aimed at strengthening the outer power of the body and rearing the power YANG. This skill serves for training the back to strengthen it. Its effectiveness is not inferior to that one of techniques for strengthening and training the stomach, such as the "Skill of Fabric Bag" (BU DAI GONG; par.#69) and the "Skill of Iron Stomach" (TIE DAI GONG; par.#36). That technique is very effective and allows to withstand blows of enemies.

Mainly bones are in the upper part of the back, therefore it is relatively easy to train this section. On the contrary, it is extremely difficult to train and strengthen the lower part where the kidneys surrounded with soft parts are situated. Those who seriously practise "The skill of tortoise back" must pay special attention to those sections where important internal organs are situated49. Devotees of GUI BEI GONG

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