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Jin En Zhong, elder brother, second name Ze Chen, nickname Mad, pen-name Jing Zhong, 30 years old, born in the noble family of Yanjing, went for his lessons to a private school of Yuying in the Chinese capital. He was taught acrobatics and Shaolin Wu Shu at home. Then became a disciple of tutor Zhu Guan Peng who taught him the style Tan Tui. Later mastered the Shaolin style Liu He Quan from tutor Yang De Shan. Also learnt "Subconscious Gong Fu" from tutor Ying De Kui. Besides, for a long time was a disciple of His Reverence Miao Xing, the Head of the Shaolin Monastery.

Served in the North-Eastern Army as company commander, deputy battalion commander, head of an auditing department, staff officer, battalion commander, senior coach in hand-to-hand combat and head of a training department. Wrote manuals for bayonet combat, theory and methods of bayonet handling, saber combat, hand-to-hand combat. He also wrote a book about famous Wu Shu masters and several other works.

Participated in all-China review of Martial Arts (Wu Shu), sports games of four North-Eastern provinces, Chinese-Japanese competitions in Martial Arts, Wu Shu exhibition competition in Tanjin. He built up the "Society for promotion of WU SHU" in the town of Shenshui. Has friendly and social character, no traits of a martinet at all. Now serves in police of the town of Jinmeng. His level of skills is quite high. He has common muscles, at first sight he does not look like a man who is engaged in Wu Shu.

Jin En Liang, second name Jia Taen, assumed name Xiao Tian, second (middle) brother, 28 years old, finished the school of Yuying, worked as a fireman at the Police department of the capital, then served as squad commander in capital gendarmery, inspecting officer and aide-de-camp attached to garrison headquarters. Now works in a Tanjin newspaper.

In his childhood learnt acrobatics and Shaolin Wu Shu. Then became a disciple of Yiang Jing Qing, a Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) master, learnt technique of Taiji Quan with a sword. In Tanjin together with Bai Ji Chuan and others (all of them are disciples of Tutor Sun Lu Tang) built up a society "Peng Fei" for learning Wu Shu where he spared no efforts in his work. His Gong Fu belongs to "flexible" (or "soft") type, so his muscles are not developed too much.

Jin En Shan, second name Ze Ming, assumed name Zhuang Fei, the third (junior) brother, 26 years old, took his lessons at the school of Yuying, served as squad commander in tank troops of the North-Eastern Army, sergeant-major in a reconnaissance brigade of the 34-th division, then signal platoon commander of the 1st brigade of land forces. In his childhood learnt acrobatics and Shaolin Wu Shu, then became a disciple of tutor- wrestler Dai Lao San. Dai Lao San is also known as known in five northern provinces are Shen San and Bao San. Recently practices an exercise called "Frog" from "72 kinds of the Martial Art of Shaolin". His Gong Fu belongs to "hard" type, so his muscles are well developed.

Consummate Arts Shaolin
The author shows the technique with combat weapon Je Gun.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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