Skill of Sand Bags Sha Bao Gong

Those who learn Martial Arts and always improve oneself in them make a lot for the development of all parts of the body, sight, and the technique of movement.

"Skill of Sand Bags" is aimed at strengthening the "outer" power of the body and serves for rearing the YANG force in it. It also develops flexibility and mobility of the body. Thanks to this exercise the YANG force, adroitness and dexterity develop so much that it allows to defeat people easily.

Before starting to train yourself, dig into the ground four wooden poles and put four more wooden beams on the top. Fix bags with sand to each beam on the right, on the left, in front and in back. The weight of each bag should be about five or six JINs (about 2.5 - 3 kg). The bags must be tied to the beams with strong cord and hang loosely so that they can swing to sides freely. The bags must be at a height of man's shoulders.

The trainee stands in the center of the structure, assumes the stance of MA BU ("Rider") or GONG BU ("Bow and Arrow"). At first he delivers single punches at one of the sand bags so that the bag may fly out of the structure. When the bag returns back to the trainee, he has to strike at the bag again with greater force. One must be careful not to damage the wrist.

After mastering single blows it is necessary to proceed to punching with two fists. Strike at two bags simultaneously so that they may be thrown strictly forward. The right hand strikes at a bag, beats off the returning bag and so on. At that time the left hand acts in the same way. If a bag is moving from the right, it is more convenient to beat it off with the right hand rather than reach it with the left hand and vice versa. That exercise should be done 100 times at least during a day. Only that training rate ensures good acquirement of the movements. It is better to strike with both hands simultaneously and simultaneously receive bag blows with both hands. Then strike at bags again so that they may fly aside. Try to do those movements at the highest speed without pauses.

After acquiring the method of simultaneous blows at two bags one should start to strike successive blows forward, backward, to the right and to the left. When it is also acquired well, you may proceed to blows at four bags in any succession. One should especially attentive and see where blows are delivered. The body must be strictly between the bags. One should not ignore this recommendation.

After the acquirement of the four above-mentioned methods of striking at bags you may proceed to learn the two last methods. One of them is as follows: strike blows at bags which are on the right and the left, in front and in back and then, when the bags return, beat them off using the force of your elbows. In the beginning the bags after blows will fly not too far, but when this part of the exercise is well acquired, the distance between the trainee and the bags will increase after each blow.

Below are described a few more methods of striking at sand bags. You can strike at bags with your head crown. At first, strike at bags which are in front and back of you and then at those ones that are on the left and on the right. Blows can be also delivered at sand bags with shoulders, those blows push apart the bags to the right and to the left. A trainee can strike at a bag behind him with back of his head. Thus, after acquiring all those methods one can simultaneously deliver blows at ten bags. At that stage "Skill of Sand Bags" can be regarded as mostly mastered.

Now it is necessary to exercise in the technique of delivering blows while walking, running, jumping, and being in the state of other motions. Such blows can be delivered not only with fists, but also with feet, shins, knees, shoulders, forearms, and other parts of the body. Each part of the body can and must be trained for making such blows. The blows must be struck to the right, to the left, forward, backward without stopping for a moment at one place, in that case the technique may be regarded as fully acquired.

If you find yourself encircled by a swarm of enemies and no man beside you who could shield you with his body, you can break out of the encirclement by striking practically with every part of your body as if you are encircled with a great lot of sand bags. In the past "Skill of Sand Bags" was one of simplest techniques that was learnt at the Shaolin monastery. It is one the most ancient techniques preserved till our days.

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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