Skill of the Iron Arm Tie Bi Gong

"The skill of the Iron Arm" serves for strengthening both the "inner" and the "outer" as well as for the development of the force YANG. It is designed for training arms. The method of acquirement of this skill is very simple and presents no difficulties from the technical point of view. It is necessary to train oneself at the initial stage in the following manner: you has to strike at poles indoors with your arms, both with the outer and back side of an arm. Each day number of blows and their force should be increased. Thus, arms will be gradually strengthening.

With arm blows acquired, you should proceed to brushing up your skill. It is necessary to go on exercising both on wooden poles and trees. Trees should not be smooth and even like ice. They should be shaggy by touch, their surface should be uneven, bulging in some places and concave at other places. After training the technique, some time later, swells will appear on your skin, pain feeling in arms will be possible.

If you train you each day during a year, your arms will be so strong that you will be able to break wooden things and stone poles. At first, train you by striking at smooth and even things and then, with time, proceed to training with stones with rough (uneven) surface. A blow should be made as if deep down into or "through" a stone. Raise your arm, make a swing and hit with all your force so that a stone should be split to pieces.

After the acquirement of the technique your arms will become as strong as iron. It will be able to hit a man so that his bones will be broken and the internal organs will be severely injured. It will be easy to protect oneself with this arms from enemy's blows delivered with sword, knife or stick.

Furthermore, with this arms you can push away, move and break various things. It will be possible to "break open the gate"20 with one arm, without waiting for a moment when you will be defeated.

This technique is very useful and it will take relatively little time to learn it. Its essentials can be learnt within a year and mastered to perfection within three years. During a whole year the perfection of this technique can be matched with learning other methods of WU SHU. In the process of acquiring this method learners strengthen both the "inner" and the "outer". If you consolidate and repeat this technique during one year, your arms will obtain constant hardness, it will be possible to break with them not only a thin tree, but also a thick one, and arm blows will become of abrupt, chopping character.

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