Skill of Water Separation Fen Shui Gong

FEN SHUI GONG is a "hard" GONG FU, has external power, belongs to the YANG category. There are the following sections in WU SHU: "Methods of Sweeping off Obstacles" (PAI SHAN SHI) and "Palm Separating Water" (FEN SHUI ZHANG). Skill of Water Separation is the very origin of those GONG FU. The strength of that GONG FU is concentrated in both arms, palms are of auxiliary significance.

Iron Kungfu

At the first training stage, it is necessary to take bamboo, a little more than ten sticks and fix them at the upper and lower part with an iron chain. Do not leave clearance between the sticks, put them closely one to another like a wall. The trainee puts his palms together and introduce them between the middle sticks of bamboo. Bamboo is flexible and resilient. Although there is no space between the sticks, but if you apply force, you can move them apart. After the introduction of palms, it is necessary to move arms aside with strength. In the beginning there appears a small clearance but over time the clearance will increase to the size of a door so that a man can easily pass through it. After that, it is necessary to increase the number of sticks to several dozens and make efforts to pass easily through the bamboo wall. It means you are on the way to the full success.

When you add one more bamboo stick, the effort to be applied should be 50 kg more. Let's suppose that you put 30 bamboo sticks, in that case the force of arm pressure should exceed 500 kg. Then, build a sand wall or use a clay wall in your village. Put your hands into the wall and spread them to sides. If even now you can easily spread your hands and bring them together, it means you have attained perfection and the training is a full success. The effect of combination of hard and soft GONF FU occurs. Even attacked by a large group of people, you raise your hand - it looks like a mountain moving or a tsunami rising. Each whom your hand touches will fall down.

56. To Fly Up to the Ridge and to Walk on a Wall (FEI YAN ZOU).

The skill of "To Fly Up to the Ridge and to Walk on a Wall" is also called "Eight Steps in the Horizontal Position" (HENG PAI BA BU). It is a soft Gong Fu, it develops the internal power and belongs to one of kinds of "Light Body" exercises. The secret technique of that method was passed over only by monks of the Shaolin monastery.

Battery Defense Diagram Blank

The training method is very simple. Tie small bags of coarse fabric with iron shot (treated in pig blood) to your arms and legs. The weight of those bags are small in the beginning. You have to run on a wall in the horizontal position every day. Touch down when you are exhausted. It is done in such a way: stand at a distance over 10 steps from a wall, take a running start and, using inertia, step on the wall so that the body takes the horizontal position. It is necessary first to make a step with your left foot and then at once with the right one. Any young man can make two or three steps in such a position, sometimes even three or four steps, but not more. When inertia of your body runs low, touch the ground with your right foot immediately. At the same time the body passes from the horizontal position to the vertical one. It is the left-side variant of that method. There is also the right-side variant when the right foot first steps on a wall and the left foot first touches the ground when landing. It is necessary to exercise every day and to increase gradually the weight of shot in the small bags.

One year later, moving along the horizontal line, that is parallel to the ground, you will be able to make four or five steps. It means that a preliminary success has been made. One more year later you will be able to make eight steps. It is the second stage on the way to success. The length of eight steps is equal to 1.6 ZHANG approximately (about 5.3 m). It means that you will be able to go 1,6 ZHANG in the horizontal position (and along the horizontal line) due to the force of impulse. Then, proceed to exercise walking on a wall along an inclined line. At first you will fall, but it is necessary to train oneself day after day and overcome all obstacles. Increase at the same time the weight of iron shot up to 6 kilograms. One year later you will be able to make 8 steps along an inclined line. It will mean that the third stage is over. It is necessary, then, to train yourself in waving arms: left-right and right-left. It is done in such a way: you run to the top of a wall along an inclined line, but at that moment your body is still in the horizontal position, inertia already ran low, so it is necessary to wave the left arm to the left and downward strongly and abruptly, the right arm also moves to the left side. The effort emerging at that time makes the body pass to the vertical position on the top of the wall. It concerns the left-side variant; if you first move the right arm, then the left one, it will be the right-side variant (see above). It will be the full success. You take off the small bags with iron shot and can move as easily and deftly as a monkey. It will be a trifle to climb walls and houses after that.

However, at the beginning of training you are not very deftly, therefore you often fall, but don't make a doubtful conclusion out of it. It is necessary to advance. The time for full success will come. In my childhood I trained myself, but then I spent a lot of time travelling and stopped training. I am very sorry about it. In a word, to acquire that kind of Gong Fu, it is necessary to realize deeply its importance.

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