Skill Raising a Pot Shang Guan Gong

SHANG GUAN GONG is the "hard" Gong Fu, it develops outer power and belongs to the YANG category. The purport of this exercise is strengthening shoulders and the grip of both hands. It is done in such a manner: take a small pot with two eyelets and tie up a short cord to them. Take another cord 3 or 4 CHIs long (1 m - 1.30 m) and tie one of its ends to the middle part of the short cord and the other end to a short stick. The stick must be about 1.2 CHI (about 40 cm), its diameter should be appropriate for a convenient holding. It is desirable that the stick should be of date-palm and with rough surface. Bore a hole at the middle of the stick, put the free end of the long cord through that hole and make a knot. The weight of an empty pot is about 3 - 3.5 kg. Fill it with 1.5 kg of iron shot - at the initial stage the total weight should not be more than 5 kg.

Take the stance "Rider" (MA BU) during a training session, the upper part of the body being erect, hold the stick with both hands and raise the pot. Your elbows should be at the level of the shoulders, the forearms directed forward and a little upward. Rotate the stick to yourself with both hands in turn to wind up the cord. Raise the pot to the chest level, then after a small pause slowly lower the pot. Do it 30 times. Exercise in such a manner each morning and evening. After three months add half a kilogram of shot. Continue to add 0.5 kg of shot in each three months, five times all in all. Thus, the weight of the pot will increase by 2.5 kg. After that continue adding shot once during three months to increase the weight of the pot to 15 kg. By that time the trainee has great strength. If you stand on rising ground, which will permit to have a longer cord - up to 5 CHIs (1.65 cm), the result will be still better. On the North a lot of people exercise this kind of Gong Fu. It needs at least 3 years to get success. At my time I also practiced (this kind of Gong Fu), but due to some circumstances I could not carry that matter through and I am very sorry about it.

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