Sluice Shutter weighing 1000 JINs Qian Jin Zha

Sluice Shutter

"Sluice Shutter weighing 1000 JINs" is a hard exercise strengthening the outside, it belongs to the hard force of YANG. If you look at a man doing this exercise, you can realize at once that this exercise develops the force of both arms perfectly well by weight-lifting. Actually, thanks to that a (heavy) weight is lifted, all three levels of the body (arms, torso, and legs) are trained. Unlike to several exercises for palms and fingers and other kinds of GONG FU

which specialize in training certain body parts, all parts of the body are activated and work in coordination in this exercise.

The method of doing this exercise basically is quite simple. In it natural forces of a man are used to full extend, it is the most appropriate for their development. However, if you are a short man of slight build and extremely weak, it will be much more difficult for you to achieve good results in this exercise.

Training at the first stage does not require the use of any gadgets: legs in the stance of QI MA BU ("On horseback"), both hands are raised up high above the head, fingers are directed backward, palms face upward. This position is like that one in BA DUAN JIN ("Eight Pieces of Brocade") where it is called as "Raising the Earth and Returning (Adjusting) Three Heaters1 to their Source". Through this exercise the "supporting" force is trained. After three month training a stone drum weighing 10-15 kg can be used for training, its weight should be gradually increased to 100 kg. When you are able to hold it during half an hour and longer and you don't gasp for breath and don't sweat, the drum can be replaced with a stone "sluice shutter". The "sluice shutter" should be put into slots specially made in two wooden posts set opposite each other. Prepare a few long rectangular stone slabs weighing 15 kg each and one big slab weighing 100 kg. Use at first the slab weighing 100 kg: put it into the slots of the posts and hang on braids (to a crossbar fixed at the top of the posts). The distance between the slab and the ground level must be 4 CHI (about 1.3 m); supports should be put to fix it in that position. It is necessary to squat under the slab for training and lift it up. One needs to estimate individual abilities while training and some time later add one light slab (weighing 15 kg), putting it into slots. By adding slabs, increase gradually the weight. Finally, a trainee will be able to hold a weight of 250 kg and more. In such a way the utmost force is born in a man and finally you will get the ability to hold a weight of 1000 JINs (500 kg). In other words, you will be able to lift a weight of 1000 JINs with both arms at once! It is necessary to train yourself for a long time, without breaking for a day, to strengthen "primordial" ("natural", "born") forces. After successful completion of training not only both arms but also all body parts which equally participate in the exercise become strong. All muscles are strengthened and filled with force, and that is evident fact.

A great number of people on the North (of China) train this exercise along with other kinds of GONG FU. Real strength of northerners is quite close to that one of aliens , therefore this exercise by its nature is the most suitable to them. However, after coming to the South of China, the exercise also became one of the most favorite and esteemed arts it is regarded as one of the best kinds of GONG FU. This exercise is one of the main exercises for training force in Shaolin.

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