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One must not use his Strength for deception of people.

One must not rise over other people.

One must not use this Art for suppression of people.

If there are achievements, there should be flaws.

It is necessary to know about flaws to attain higher achievements.

It is necessary to breed the true greatness of Spirit.

Quoth the tutor Miao Xing: "For that one who embarked on the study of a combat technique, Virtue (DE) that does not bend down before force is of great importance, makes much of defense and does not rely on aggression. Virtue is present in the heart and in feelings. If there is an effort, thoughts are in disarray. Therefore, defense is birth, attack is death.

If an enemy attacks, peace reigns in my soul, my breath is concentrated, I am courageous and brave. When thoughts and breath are in peace and steadiness, only then QI1, flourishing and powerful, is born. If an enemy attacks, there should be no place for worry. The enemy, full of fury, attacks; if "six souls" fly into a rage, then no readiness in defense is available, it means spirit becomes weaker and QI dissipates. The enemy is strong and I lose coolness of spirit. That's why if some fracas occurs somewhere, one should be calm and imperturbable. If there is no great need to kill, you retreat in a jiffy.

Therefore, a man who trains mastership (GONG FU), at the same time trains combat knacks. It is necessary to realize it well and success will come. The Pugilistic Arts and the Weapon Handling Arts are like fire, GONG FU and its usage gives a stable ground for shaping a man. But if you are not able to apply mastership, it means the core has petrified and in decline. The people of old generations said so: "If you make fire and do not move aside, you burn yourself; to study only fighting technique without end means self-destruction". I, an old monk, say so: it makes no difference if you train GONG FU or study Fighting: first of all, you need to breed QI.

If QI is seething, Spirit SHEN is filled; if the Spirit is vigorous, the strength is enough; if strength is enough, the whole body is strong and sound, muscles and bones are strong and sturdy, the soul and natural talents become magic. When you attain it, it is no need for you to attack, honor

or dishonor means nothing, the might of the Martial Art can not be thrown down, wind and rain, the cold and the heat are harmless. Anything harmful (to an ordinary man) can not already do a harm when you attain this state. It is of no importance if you train GONG FU (exercises) or Fighting - everything is aimed at this, it is only necessary to avoid uneasiness (fuss).

What does it mean - to breed QI? They say, if you understand that life and death are only false illusions, you can tell the truth from a lie and a variety of things will be kept in your heart; then deep meditation will break your bondage to emotions and aspirations. It is necessary to root out pernicious habits, especially beware of violent wrath. If everything goes in proper way, you train mastership (GONG FU) of Seventy-two Arts, improve your health and body.

However, it needs resolution and determination - this is the most important! It is necessary to give yourself to this cause every day, one must not do it at one's fancy, at one's own will. It is also necessary to deeply understand the essence of the Buddhist teaching, keep in breast "grief and sorrow", introduce purity and elegance into GONG FU, it should not be just preparation for a fight to defend yourself. Equally, one should be aware of life's lures and should not be a slave of his desires. If you bravely engage in a mortal combat, I, an old monk, say on this occasion: it is also necessary to dispel apprehensions and fears of novices, rear courage and finally, in using GONG FU, to counteract its petrifaction.

I insistently warn you: be cautious! Contemporaries, training both exercises (GUNG FU) and fighting technique, must improve their nature according to those directions, try to do the best, be modest and remain in shadow, avoid such a situation when "one burns oneself while making fire"; don't do any harm (to other people). It is necessary to strive for a true result in training GUNG FU and fighting technique with all one's might, then you fortify your body and make your life longer. All these will yield a well-deserved and excellent result!

Quoth Lao Tse: "If man's thoughts are pure, but he feels worry in his heart, he needs peace in his heart. Emotions and desires paralyze, it is necessary to avoid emotions with all one's might, then the heart will find peace and become limpid in natural way, the Spirit will purify itself in natural course. Then "Six natural emotions" can not produce "Three banes, or poisons2". This dictum from the practice of Taoism Teaching is quite difficult for understanding. I, an old monk, who practices both exercises (GONG FU) and fighting technique, would like to say: if you can understand it, Peace will rein in your heart and Purity in your soul. Then even in a brutal and bloody fight you can free yourself (from bondage of emotions), fortify your body, that is the main purport of self-preservation.

In a sense, the man seeking achievements through training in GONG FU and fighting technique paves the path resembling the path of "Contemplation" (i.e. meditation in Chan-Buddhism). But alongside with resemblance, there are some differences. Especially great difference is that (in the first case) the body is fortified, resources of self-defense increase, the trinity JIN , QI and SHEN breed, which is the best Art of self-preservation. If only one component of the trinity is poor, it affects the other elements. As the saying goes, "if one leaf falls down, autumn comes to the Celestial Empire4".

It is possible to give birth to QI through JIN, QI can give birth to SHEN, nourishing vital forces form an entity, everything should follow the established order. At first - "breeding vitality", then - fighting. At first it is necessary to breed JIN and when JIN replenishes, QI can be strengthened, when QI is strong, Spirit SHEN boils with energy, if SHEN is energetic, the body is healthy, if the body is healthy, diseases have no chance to penetrate.

From generation to generation GONG FU and fighting technique are trained according to the above-said and it is a very important thing. It is necessary to perceive the purport of exercises, overcome movement with immobility, replace turbidity with purity, not to show the people (your skill), not to cause prejudice, face all external misfortunes, difficulties and offences indifferently and cheerfully. One should not take mockeries of miserable liars very much to heart, their insults and jeers do not come to heart. Spirit SHEN concentrates and strives for unity to guard its truth, in this case "six emotions" can not come into existence and dwell in you, "three banes" can not be born, the Spirit will be Pure and the heart will be in Peace. Then your GONG FU will be able to reach the highest mastership

VISHAYA5. Truth is comprehended in combination of achievements in "breeding vitality" and the fighting art".

editor's notes:

QI, or CHI - internal energy of a man.

Three "banes", or "poisons" in Buddhism are three negative qualities: 1) greediness and sexual desires; 2) fury and ill will; 3) folly and delusions.

JIN - "Fundamental principle" of a human being, fundamentals and source of life and development.

4 "Celestial Empire" - an old name for China or the Chinese Empire.

5 VISHAYA - Buddistic notion of "the utmost".

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