Technique Iron Bull Tie Niu Gong

You must not start to speak if you cannot answer for your words in future, and nobody has the right to say thoughtlessly everything at his own sweet will. If you wish to acquire a skill, learn to command your speech at first.

At the first stage the exercise "Iron Bull" is aimed at strengthening the external power of the body. It allows to develop the force YANG in the body. Deeper penetration into this skill learns to determine when to speak and when to keep silence24. As far as the use and efficiency are concerned, the technique is similar to that one of "Fabric Bag" (BU DAI GONG). This skill allows to repulse enemies, however crafty and skillful they are, with the use of all the power of the force YANG in the body for that purpose.

The method of acquiring the skill is as follows: first, it is necessary to

concentrate the energy QI in your stomach, then make circular movements on the stomach with your fingers. In the beginning those movement should made without application of great force and almost without pressing the stomach. It is expedient to repeat this exercise several times a day and even

during a rest. Then, the stomach should be rubbed with a palm with the application of force. The stomach muscles and the skin will gradually become stronger.

After the acquirement of this part proceed to more complicated elements. It is necessary to punch repeatedly on the stomach now. It should be done several

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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