The Art of Lash Bian Jin Fa

The purport of "The Art of Lash" is to prepare both forearms for strong pressure. Unlike "The Art of the Iron Arm" which aims are similar to it and when forearms are also trained by striking blows, this exercise employs pressure with forearms on a hard surface.

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A wooden stick can be used when you just start to cope with this exercise. It is necessary to lean with both forearms on the straight, horizontally placed, wooden stick and press on it with all your force, the body slightly rises at that. When your waist has risen about the height of the stick, it is necessary to fix this position for some time and then lower yourself to the ground slowly. The wooden stick must be fixed on two poles at a sufficient height. You should train yourself each day in the morning and in the evening. The exercise must be done by series, it is necessary to rise and lower oneself ten times in each series. Number of series must be gradually increased.

If a sharp pain is felt in your arms, tumors and swelling are formed on the forearms, you should cure yourself with "medical elixir" (YAO SHUI). It should be used as follows: rub "medical elixir" onto your forearms and hands before and after training. That medicine can be also used to prevent pain feeling.

After one-year training when your arms get used to pressure on thick objects, it will be easier to proceed to training with bamboo sticks. It is necessary to prepare suitable gadgets to train oneself with bamboo sticks. Drive into the earth four heavy piles arranged like legs of a table so that the rectangular space was limited by them. Each pile must be made of very thick bamboo (MAOZHU). As soon as it is done, four or five such sticks of MAOZHU should be laid on the piles so that they lie as flat as possible, parallel to the ground, and tightly tied to the piles like a table top to its legs. A soft rope is the best thing to be used for fixing. A trainee takes the position MA BU ("Horse Stance"), leans with his forearms on the horizontal bamboo and presses on it with a very great force for some time, then has a little rest and starts to do the exercise again.

As soon as you start to train yourself with bamboo, the bamboo sags one or two CUNs11, not more. However, with time, the force of pressure will start to increase. The result is regarded as attained only when you are capable of pressing down (sagging the bamboo) to six or seven CUNs. At that stage one more layer of bamboo stems must be fixed above the bamboo on which you pressed before and continue to do the exercise; tie above one more (layer) after some time. Up to ten layers of bamboo stems can be added in such a way, training can be finished only when you will be able press down not to 6

or 7 CUNs as before, but to one CHI approximately. It takes three or four Editor's notes:

11 CUN, a Chinese traditional measure of length. One CUN is equal to 1/30 of a meter.

CHI, also a Chinese traditional measure of length. One CHI is equal to 1/3 of a meter (about 30 cm).

years for the most of trainees to get that knack, only then learning that GONG FU can be regarded as finished.

After it, you can proceed to pressure on stones, it should be trained to such a state when pressure on stones becomes so strong that they will begin to crumble and dents will appear in them.

This skill is the following purpose: you will be able to beat off blows with JIAN sword, knife, or lash without worrying about injuries. Men who reach mastership do not kill enemies for no particular reason, preferring only to stop them. This art will also prove to be useful if you are taken prisoner and your arms are tied: there will be no traces on the skin, even from a thick rope.

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