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JIE DI GONG is designed to give hardness to the outer parameters of the body and rear the force YANG in the body, it also allows to consolidate the energy QI inside a human body. The method of learning this art entails great difficulties. It will be very hard for the trainee at initial stages, the probability for the internal organs to be damaged is very high and it is hardly to avoid damages. When learning the skill, one must not proceed quickly from one stage to another44.

Those who learn the JIE DI GONG skill must acquire the so-called technique of "Eighteen somersaults" (DI SHIBA GUN) and the technique of falling on the ground (DI TANG GONG FU)45 to perfection. Besides the above mentioned, the trainees must also acquire other methods of falls and jumps, for instance, such as the somersault JIAN HU JI SHI46. Those methods can be grouped into: forward somersaults, backward somersaults, leftward somersaults, rightward somersaults, and others. Among them are "arrow somersault"47 (JIAN PAN), "fall on the back" (BEI DIE), "running jump and somersault" (ZHI DIE), "fall with the face up" (YANG DIE), "fall prone" (FU DIE) and other methods.

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