Training Methods of 72 Arts

1. Method "Diamond Finger"(YI ZHI JINGANG FA).

The method "Diamond Finger" is a "hard" exercise that strengthens the external components1. It belongs to the "hard" force of YANG. When the exercise attains its aim, it is possible to knock a hole in the chest with a finger and injure internal organs. When mastering this exercise, one should train his finger daily on a wall or a tree trunk, other objects can be also used. It is necessary to strike with your forefinger at a wall or other objects, starting with a slight blow and increasing gradually its force. Don't interrupt and don't stop your training. It is the first stage on the path to mastership. The skin tears off, muscles and sinews swell and hurt, but it is necessary to continue training for a long time without any hesitation and doubts. The soft skin becomes hard. After three years of training the finger will become like a tree brunch. If you strike at some object with your finger, a visible finger print is left on it. A blow at a wood can make a hollow in it, a blow at a stone can break it, a blow at a humane body can inflict a serious wound. Train this exercise diligently for three years, concentrate efforts only on one matter and your skill will become perfect if you have inflexible will. Indeed, there are outstanding men who make every effort. Beware of mistakes and wounds and move to the planned aim. One can also train the forefinger of the left hand. Don't stop at the midway in this exercise!

This GONG FU is also called "Buddha's finger". There are even verses that can be read when doing this exercise. But regularity in training is a must.

editor's notes:

'Strengthening of such external parameters as skin, muscles and bones is meant.

2. Exercise "Twin Lock" (SHUANG SUO GONG).

The exercise "Twin Lock" is hard in character, it strengthens muscles, bones and sinews of forearms due to external force. It is a training of the Yang hard force. Having perfected this exercise, one can withstand with bare arms an enemy armed with silent weapons. Both arms collide like straw cutters. The exercise is very simple, both forearms are trained by mutual knocks. At the first stage, one can be injured and it would be difficult to bear pain, but after training for a long time muscles become strong and the result will be excellent. Then, you will not feel pain and when striking, a thump will be heard. With this the first stage of GONGFU is over. Then wrists and fists, both palms, two fingers and single straightened finger (forefinger) are trained: in such a way mutual blows are delivered. And when a hollow thump is heard, one may stop training. With this the second stage of GONG FU, one may say, is successfully finished. Then, it is necessary to strike at feet and shin with the help of both forearms, raising the left and right knee in turn. When the skin swells, stop training. This method greatly improves the skill, because the soft is converted into the hard. In a fight with an armed enemy one can beat off his blow with one's forearms or hands, snatch his weapon. By knocking both arms against each other and thus strengthening both forearms, hands and fingers one can break an enemy's arm and that is an excellent self-defense. But at least, you should spend three years to train this exercise. This method strengthens muscles and bones, improves blood circulation.

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