Back Hold

• position the feet approximately shoulder width apart, and face your opponent

• lowering yourself with your legs, wrap your arms around your opponent's back, locking your hands in a grip

• your head will rest against the chest either with the left side of your face or the right (this position will allow you to invoke a hip-thrust throw or a gravity throw which will be described later)

• the figure is an extract from Talhoffer's manuscript, plate 195 or "tafel 195". It illustrates a hold similar to the back hold currently described. The caption associated with this illustration from the manuscript reads "Wieder ein gleiches gegenseitiges fassen. - Nach dem gegenseitigen fassen sieht er den Unterarm, ergreift ihn am kopfe und schwingt ihn von sich." which translates to: "Again, the same mutual hold. -

From the mutual hold, thus he draws beneath his arm and grasps him by the head and swings him away from himself."

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