Belt Hold

• position the feet approximately shoulder width apart, and face your opponent

• lowering yourself with your legs, reach forward an grasp the "belt-line" or the top of the pants/trousers with each of your hands (right and left sides)

• the figure on the left is an extract from Talhoffer's manuscript illustrating the belt hold attempt, however, the individual had gotten himself into a head lock position. The caption associated with this illustration from the manuscript reads: "Im Durchgehen ist dieses der Bruch, dann wurgt er ihn am halse." which translates to: "In this pass-through, thus this one breaks and chokes him about the throat."

with this type of hold, you would be in a good position to deliver a hip-thrust throw

The following section describes 3 increasingly advanced levels of drills to designed to develop the necessary grappling skills. The drills are not competition, and therefore, the student and partner must be managed by an instructor or coach to ensure that the pair don't get away from themselves.

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