Center of Percussion

The center of percussion or COP of the sword is also known as the "sweet spot" of the blade. This is the point on the blade, which experiences the minimum vibration as a result of the blade being struck or striking another blade or target. When the blade comes into contact with a target, a shockwave passes through the blade. The blade possesses a natural "harmonic" balance in which the blade will experience areas of maximum vibration and minimum vibrations. The points of maximum vibration are the "crests" and the points of minimum vibration are the "nodes". The COP is one of these nodes on the blade, and it is the node that experiences the least amount of vibration in the blade. The COP is generally located approximately 2/3's to //is of the length of the blade from the guard or quillon. If the blade is struck at this point or COP, the energy of the shockwave will travel to the target instead of into the shaking blade. A second node rests near the guard. This position of this node on the blade side of the guard will dramatically reduce the vibration felt by the hands gripping the hilt and reduce tiring of the grip. A well structured sword, i.e. a sword that possesses good harmonic balance will not transmit the shock to the hands on the grip when struck.

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