Fiore dei Liberi 1410

Liberi documented a very systematic and complete training manual for the development of contemporary martial art skills of the time. Liberi recommends that this training system not be used to train thugs, given the techniques are sophisticated and deadly. Thugs would not possess the self-discipline to control when and when not to employ the techniques described. He begins the training program with grappling. Although students of the sword would prefer to begin training with the sword, Liberi reasoned that those students who are committed to learning the way of the sword would remain throughout the earlier levels of training and develop an appreciation of the skills learned and recognize how these skills can be leveraged to longsword or pole-weapons training. Those students that are not cognizant of this leave the program early - a good filtering mechanism. The AEMMA training program structure is heavily influenced by this approach by Liberi and is clearly visible in its structure with respect to recruit training. The student undergoing this level of training will consider the following point:

i. review the classical Italian nomenclature and description of each of the posts and guards found in his manuscript entitled "Flos Duellatorum"

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