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The purpose of this first book of a four book series is to train the student in the methods, principles and techniques of European Medieval Martial Arts, focusing on dagger, grappling and the longsword. This work was originally created to form the basis of the recruit training program for the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts or

AEMMA. References for this work include but are not limited to historical documents and treatises such as Fiore dei Liberi, 1410, "Flos Duellatorum", Hans Talhoffer, 1459, "Alte Armatur und Ringkunst" , Hans Talhoffer, 1467, "Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre 1467", Jakob Sutor, 1612, "Kunftliches Fechtbuch"

The Academy's mission is to resurrect the combat skills, philosophies, principles of an accomplished European Medieval martial artist and to achieve a state which would be consistent with that of a medieval warrior in both technology and ideal." The goal of this organization is to resurrect European medieval martial arts to the same level as today's Asian martial arts schools and academies, and to re-establish medieval combat as a viable 21st century martial art alternative. The objective is to not only achieve realism in the discipline of armoured and un-armoured combat, but also the philosophy and principles that surrounds this form of martial art.

In order to support the Academy's mission and goal, this document along with the companion instructor's guide entitled "The AEMMA Longsword Instructor's Guide" was written to provide the reader with the necessary reference and tools to train oneself and others in this form of martial art.

Book 1 provides the recruit/student with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the rank of scholler. All training and instruction builds upon what is learned at each level. Upon completion of this level of training, the student will be competent in performing all of the basic guard stances, fundamental offensive forms, drills and possess a basic historical knowledge of the martial art. A companion student's training guide provides the outline for the training program including the structure of the oral examination to be taken at the end of this training.

David M. Cvet

President & Founder AEMMA Toronto, 2001

email: [email protected]

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Martial Arts An Introduction

Martial Arts An Introduction

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