Free Schller

The Free Schüller is a student of the historical martial arts that has developed skills in multiple weapons types, such as longsword, pollaxe, quarterstaff, sword & dagger, sword & buckler to name a few. A free scholler with skills in any of these weapons types is also in a position to instruct students in any or all of the he/she is weapons skilled in. A student is automatically designated a free scholler should he/she acquire a designation of "Acknowledged Instructor^' by the International Masters at Arms Federation (IMAF) in one or more weapons type. The free scholler may often be requested to provide a supporting role of teaching assistant (TA) provided a letter is granted by the Academy/school's governing body to those who had successfully achieved the prize of free scholler. The free scholler must abide by the rules and constitution of the Academy and must have in possession all of the relevant arms & armour for those weapons types that the free scholler has skill in. The rank of free scholler is the minimum rank to possess in order to create a chapter of the Academy.

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