Responsibilities of Provost

• represents the Academy or chapter at symposiums, workshops and conferences as a lecturer, presenter, trainer

• actively participates on one or more external governing bodies and entities as an advisor, board member, etc.

• agrees to accept challenges for the prize of provost by students in a position to deliver the challenge

• participate in the ranking of students and their designation within the Academy/school at the scholler, free scholler and provost ranks only

• participate in the ranking of students in other schools upon invitation by that school at the scholler, free scholler, and provost ranks only

• deliver instruction and training to students of all ranks

• to lias with specific academic and or museum institutions (with permission from Academy/school's governing body)

• to lias with other specific training academies (assume the role as the primary contact within the Academy/school for one or two other training academies) (with permission from Academy/school's governing body)

• participate and contribute in creating and implementing policies within the Academy/school and the external governing body

• has submitted a research paper on a relevant subject and which has been accepted by the Academy/school's governing body and which has been published in the Research\White Papers area of the web, as well as the Electronic Journals of Martial Arts & Sciences and other publications.

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