Skill Development and Training Specifications for Free Scholler


• greater emphasis on study of the historical treatises,

• examine in detail, training principles and theory as presented in the historical treatises.


• more work on tuning judgment, distance, timing and placement,

Free Scholler Training Points

• intellectual training in the philosophy and principles in the art of combat, manipulation of the opponent, control of battle, control of opponent

• fechten continues (planned defensive and offensive movements), but will employ steel swords

• contact free-form fechten introduced, but will initially use wooden-waster swords

• advanced folgen sequences of repetitive forms are introduced

• introduction to manipulation of the opponent, learning the art of control of battle

• more and advanced grasping techniques, sword grabbing, defensive to offensive positioning

• introduction of alternative weapons combat, e.g. longsword engaged with polearms (halberds, bills, pikes, etc.), longsword engaged with sword & shield, etc.

• estimate free scholler training duration of up to 6-18 months

• competition/tournament participation with the weapon of skill and with the approval of the executive of the Academy


The Provost, for all intent and purposes, is a local master without the official designation of maestro by the IMAF. The provost must demonstrate exceptional skill in at least four (4) weapons and demonstrate skill in any combination of those weapons (e.g. dagger against sword, etc.) The provost has developed an intimate understanding of the different characteristics, underlying principles and theoretical approaches to each of the weapons skilled with. This individual has obtained this rank after many years of study and training. A key responsibility of the provost is the training and teaching of students. The provost must abide by the rules and constitution of the Academy, and promote the principles of historical martial arts and organizations that are focused on the formalization of these arts, e.g. IMAF.

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