Training Program Structure

This first book will provide the student with the fundamentals of defense and offense, an understanding of the underlying physics of the longsword, the anatomy of the longsword and an introduction to training drills that are critical to developing skill and competency. This book introduces the student to the historical sources that were used in the development of this training system. AEMMA's training system is the result of the research conducted on the historical sources identified in this book as well as many hours of "reconstructionist" effort to ensure that the training system is both viable and comprehensive. This level of training in this book will position the recruit to successfully challenge for the prize of a scholler rank.

The basic training principles that the students must internalize includes:

1. basic sword exercises and movements

2. footwork

3. competency in sword technique

4. ability to redirect and/or manipulate your opponent

5. ability to direct your opponent without physical contact

Training is comprised of a number of sections, each with it's specific objective. The following describes the sections that form the longsword training program.

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