Transitional Training

This "transitional unit" prepares the student for the next part of the training, that being dagger or "daga" The weapons used in this section are simple dowels. The point of this transitional unit is to train the student in becoming comfortable with blocking and parrying with a dowel, and to use the dowel as a grappling tool.

❖ iron gate (agent) ^ neck lock with dowel (counter)

The agent attempts to grab the patient agent's legs from an iron gate (porta di ferro) guard position. The patient agent (wearing the band), with the dowel strikes the agent behind the neck with right hand and hooks the neck with the dowel. Left hand grabs the other end of the dowel resulting in a crossed-forearm grip on the dowel. The patient agent resumes the iron gate (porta di ferro).

Shoulder grip (agent) ^ chin push and dowel hook on thigh (counter)

The agent attempts to grab the patient agent's shoulders and or neck. The patient agent using the boar's tooth with the left arm, comes up on the inside of the agent's right arm, and pushes under the chin, pressing the thumb into the soft tissue under the chin. At the same time, the patient agent hooks the dowel on the agent's left thigh through his crotch, and using this hook, lifts the agent's leg with the hook in conjunction with the chin push.

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