Unknown c1470

The original Solothurn publication of 'Das Solothurner Fechtbuch' is thought to be written sometime in the late 15th century. This may be supported with an inference to

Paulus Kal which could date the manuscript no earlier than c1470. It has recently been recompiled and published by Zentralbibliothek (Central Library), Solothurn, Switzerland in 1989 by a Swiss gentleman by the name of Dr. Charles Studer. The re-compiled manuscript was prepared from the surviving 30 plates of the original 60 which contains 57 illustrations of the original 120 that illustrate a number of techniques such as armoured longsword, mounted fighting, dagger, grappling (ringen) and shield work which appear strikingly similar to those illustrations found in Talhoffer's works. Studer's publication focus was on the cultural and legal context of the judicial combat engagements depicted in the original manuscript. Dr. Studer, neither a swordsman nor fencer did not possess the authourity on historical European martial arts and therefore his interpretative comments are suspect.

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