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False Tracks Illusion

For the duration of this spell, the ninja leaves tracks appropriate to a common normal animal (herd beast, deer, fox, etc.). The ninja chooses the species when the spell is cast. His footprints will be those of an animal, moving at whatever pace the ninja maintains. (If the ninja is running, he leaves behind the running footprints of the animal.) If bits of the ninja's clothing become snagged on underbrush, they will appear to be bits of animal hide. However, if the ninja drops an item of equipment or a garment, this spell will not conceal its nature. No saving throw is allowed. However, the spell can be removed by casting a dispel magic spell. If such a spell is cast on any part of the trail the ninja has left behind, the entire spell is canceled and all tracks revert to normal. The effects of this spell are entirely illusory. When the spell duration ends, all affected footprints revert to normal. Ninja use this spell to elude pursuers. When someone a ninja wishes to ambush is...

Lesser Distraction Illusion

With this spell, the caster causes the victim to hear a faint noise or see something indistinct out of the corner of his eye. The caster must decide if the illusion will be auditory or visual but cannot choose to further define the distraction. It will be a sound, but not a footstep or a low The victim who does not successfully save vs. spell believes the sight or sound to originate from a direction of the spellcaster's choice. (The spellcaster cannot choose distance. A victim can be made to believe that he heard a sound behind him, but not that it was something moving 30 feet behind him. He can be made to think that he saw motion off to his right, but not that it was something moving at the top of a wall 50 feet from him.) This spell is used by ninja attempting an escape or infiltration. It is designed to encourage a guard to leave his post for a moment.

Age to Destruction Alteration Necromancy

With this spell, the ninja can age any nonliving material (of a maximum volume of 3 cubic feet) by about 100 years. An object affected by the spell may make a normal saving throw vs. disintegration (see the Dungeon Master Guide, Chapter 6) to avoid the spell's effect. An object that fails its saving throw suffers the ravages of a hundred years of aging, on the inside. On the outside it appears normal, but a little more weathered than before. Stone items are affected very little, but wood rots, metal rusts or corrodes through, and other materials suffer similar results. The next time an object affected by this spell is picked up or otherwise used, it crumbles into ruin. If the object is already under strain when the spell is cast on it, it gives way immediately. This spell allows a spellcaster to sabotage crucial objects or pieces of equipment a ladder rung, a wooden step, the sword of an enemy, etc. A fleeing ninja can use this spell to drop a portcullis, booby trap the stairway she...

Detect the Living Divination

This spell acts much like a detect undead spell but allows the ninja to detect the presence of living beings. The spell works on living beings belonging to animal species with half a hit die or more of hit points. Thus the spell will not detect members of very small animal species or any plant species. The spell's area of effect extends in a path 10 feet wide and 60 feet long (plus 10 feet longer per spellcasting level of the ninja) in the direction the caster is facing. Scanning a direction requires one round, and the caster must be motionless except for the somatic element of his spell (kuji-kiri finger exercises). When the spell is successful, the caster sees a glow in the direction of the life-form no one else can see the glow. The spell indicates direction only it does not give specific location or distance. This spell can detect living beings through walls and obstacles but is blocked by 1 foot of solid stone, 1 yard of wood or loose earth, or a thin coating of metal. The spell...

Greater Distraction Illusion

With this spell, the caster causes the victim to become distracted by a sensation. The caster decides what the sensation will be before he casts the spell. Typical sensations include itching, the feeling that one's hands are grubby, or the need to answer nature's call. If the victim fails the saving throw, the sensation will not stop distracting him until he deals with it (by scratching the itch, washing his hands, etc.) or until the spell duration ends. Once either of these conditions is met, the distracting sensation ends. If the victim makes the save, he feels the sensation momentarily but it goes away almost immediately. The victim is never aware that a spell was cast on him, whether he saves or not.

Improved Mirror Image Illusion Phantasm

This spell works much like the 2nd-level wizard spell mirror image, with some important differences. The mirror images appear in the vicinity of the caster, but they can move up to 30 feet away. Although the images must face the same target or enemy (whichever one the spellcaster is facing), they do not have to perform exactly the same actions. They can draw different weapons or appear to choose different tactics in combat. Like the images created by a mirror image spell, these visions can do no actual damage. If they attack an enemy in combat, all their attacks seem to miss until they are struck or the spell duration ends. To determine how many images appear, the DM rolls 1d4 and adds 1 for every three levels of the ninja's spellcasting experience.

Sense Treason Divination

With this spell, a shinobi spellcaster can determine that the clan has been deliberately betrayed. The DM determines what constitutes such betrayal, but the spell normally reacts when a clan member has deliberately taken an action that puts his own welfare above the clan's. However, the spellcaster cannot determine the identity of the betrayer or reveal details of that betrayal. The spell has no range, so the traitor could be anyone in the clan. The spell does not react to exiles, outcasts, or clan members the spellcaster believes to be dead. This is a spell used most often by Shinobi Mage advisors to clan leaders. Though it is necessary to know about such betrayals in order to protect the clan, this spell can be as much a curse as it is a blessing, because it makes the clan lord and his advisors paranoid.

Darker the leli of slee

Target One sleeping creature Duration One hour Saving Throw No Spell Resistance Yes With a touch, you cause an already sleeping creature to continue sleeping in a deep sleep. The target will not awaken on his own while this spell lasts, regardless of noise. Another character may awaken him violently by dealing real (not subdual) damage to the sleeping target.

Shpoud of the shadow dpaqoa ctuilube secret s7sll

With this spell, a bit of the Shadow Dragon, the incarnation of darkness, is called to temporarily inhabit the target. Though the Dragon leaves after only a moment, the target is forever altered. The power of Nothingness remains in a permanent hole in the target's soul. The target is forever after a Goju, one of the demon Ninja servants of Jigoku. He immediately gains two Shadow Points, and can acquire more as usual. This spell takes three hours to cast. Casting this spell requires the target to lie motionless for the duration under a shroud of cloth that was made in the Shadowlands. At the end of that time, the target is allowed a contested roll to resist the caster rolls a number of dice equal to his School Rank plus Shadow Points, keeping School Rank, against the target's Earth plus Honor, keeping Earth. If the contested roll is successful, the target becomes permanently immune to this spell. This spell may also be cast as a Maho spell of Mastery Rank 6. Immunity to this spell may...

Featherfoot Alteration

The person affected by this spell gains the magical ability to move quietly and weightlessly at a normal walking pace or slower. If he tries to go any faster, the effect of the spell is lost. While the spell is in effect, the character gains +30 to his move silently roll. (If he does not possess this skill, for the duration of the spell he performs as though he does possess the skill with a score of 30 .) The person affected by this spell does not leave any footprints, nor does he set off weight- or pressure-based traps. The reverse of this spell, leadfoot, affects one creature. The victim is allowed a saving throw to avoid being affected by the spell.

Jealous fu5v of hdsds1

The caster brings forth a hungry light with this spell named for Goju Ededei, the legendary 'Thief of Eyes.' This light flashes brightly, dazzling any creature looking into the area (increasing the TN of any physical activity by 5) that doesn't make a Reflexes roll against a TN of 10. After the flash fades, the area grows dark and cannot be pierced with unaided mortal vision. Only beings that can see in total darkness, such as the Goju, can see through this area.

Deepen Shadows Illusion

Area of Effect One 10'x10' area spellcasting level Saving Throw None This spell slowly, inconspicuously darkens the room where the ninja is. The change is gradual, taking five rounds (five minutes). With a successful saving throw at a -4 penalty, someone inside the room can notice that it is getting darker, but this observation does not affect the spell's progress. When the spell is completed, the room is as full of shadow and darkness as possible without arousing suspicion. If it is daylight outside, it will seem that a cloud has passed over the sun. If it is nighttime, the candles and fire seem to have burned low. The dimming of the light does not appear at all menacing to people in the area, though a detect magic spell will reveal the presence of the deepen shadows spell. This spell is useful to a ninja who cannot use her ability to hide in shadows because the area is too bright. The shadows created by this spell can help ninja to escape, to infiltrate, to pull sleight-of-hand...

Drunken Boxing [Style Mastery

When tipsy or drunk, you no longer suffer any penalties to AC, attack rolls, Reflex saving throws, or to skill or ability checks based on Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity. You still suffer penalties to skill or ability checks based on other abilities, other saves, and a chance of arcane spell failure.

Bull Charge [Fighter General

Channel Ki Metamagic You use ki to enhance your spells. Benefits By giving up one of your stunning attacks for the day, you can decrease the cost of any other metamagic feat by one spell level, to a minimum cost of zero. For example, you could use Channel Ki to reduce the level of the spell slot of a Maximized spell to 2 levels higher than normal instead of 3. Using this ability is not considered an action, and can only be used once per round while casting the spell. Special This metamagic feat can only be used by those able to cast spells on the fly, without preparation, such as bards or sorcerers. Channel Ki cannot be used with prepared spells.

The Effects of Drinking

After an hour without drinking, you are no longer tipsy, and your number of effective drinks is reduced to your limit. Drunk You have a -4 penalty to skill and ability score checks, AC, attack rolls and saving throws, and have a 40 chance of arcane failure when casting spells. After an hour without drinking, you are no longer drunk, and become tipsy again.

Shadow Form Illusion Phantasm

With this spell, the ninja creates a transparent duplicate of himself. The duplicate, or shadow-form, appears adjacent to the spellcaster. It wears all the clothing and carries all the equipment that were in the ninja's possession when he cast the spell, leaving him unclothed and unarmed the clothing and equipment are not transparent. For the duration of the spell, the ninja controls the shadow-form's actions and sees through its eyes. It is an extension of him and possesses all of his physical and mental skills but not his magical abilities. (In other words, it moves, sounds, and fights just as he does but cannot cast spells.) The ninja sees through both sets of eyes at once. When the shadow-form is waiting or resting, the ninja can take actions on his own, but he cannot make both his real body and his shadow-form act at the same time. If the shadow-form is hit in combat or struck with a dispel magic spell, it disappears leaving behind all the clothing and equipment it was carrying....


Above all, students of the Hidden Moon Dojo are ninja, not traditional shugenja as the Empire sees them. Though they harness the power of kami as shugenja do, they also call upon the power of Nothing, that which once fueled the Lying Darkness. The Hidden Moon ninja are very cautious, always using the kami as go-betweens when manipulating the power of Nothing. The kami not only create a buffer preventing the ninja from becoming corrupted by Nothing, but also serve as an early warning sign, letting the ninja know when he has attempted to draw too much power too quickly. If a Hidden Moon ninja attempts to cast a spell and the kami do not heed his call, he knows that they have just saved his soul.

Class skills

The Shosuro Tejina's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Dex), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Read Lips (Int, exclusive skill), Search (Int), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex), and Use Rope (Dex).

The sh05v30 tetira

This school can only be accessed by taking the Multiple Schools Advantage, and only students entering or coming from the Soshi Shugenja, Yogo Shugenja or Shosuro Assassin schools may use the Multiple Schools advantage with this school. In the case of Soshi Shugenja, the ranks in this school are used to determine the character's total Insight Rank when casting spells. This school (like the Kuni Witch Hunters) is an exception to the standard rule that shugenja cannot join non-shugenja schools. A character with shugenja ranks who joins this school may not later join a non-shugenja school.

Bidder hard

Transmutation (Shadow) Level Tej 1 Components V, S Casting Time 1 action Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. 2 levels) Effect Unseen hands of force Duration 1 minute level Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No This spell allows you to use your hands as if you were actually touching anything within the area of effect. You may reach into someone's pocket as if you were right beside them, or open a shoji screen with your hands from across the room. This spell requires you to actually move your hands in the way you wish to manipulate an object (which also means you can't simply cause something to float toward you, although you could throw it at yourself). What can and cannot be moved is all determined exactly as if you were moving it with your own hands. You may move an item the distance you ordinarily could move it using only your hands without moving your feet, although you can move it, let go, and then pick it up again. You may lift 15 pounds per level, or shove twice that weight. For the...

Strike lilto rothirq

This spell gives you the power to strike at an opponent's very essence, not simply doing damage to him physically, but unraveling him completely. Your critical threat range increases by 3 points. I if you roll a natural 20, score a critical hit, and have a sneak attack class ability, you deal damage as if you had made a successful sneak attack against your opponent. This applies even if you couldn't normally deal such damage to them, i.e. if they are immune to critical hits, have uncanny dodge, are not flat-footed, etc.

JOtus Touch

This is a dangerous spell, one that invokes a deeper aspect of Nothing such as the Goju once knew. When this spell is cast, the shugenja draws upon some of the strengths of someone touched by the Lying Darkness. He gains resistance to damage not dealt by specially blessed or crystal weapons, ignoring the

Mcder hard

This spell allows the caster to use his hands as if he were up to forty feet away from where he is actually standing. This means the caster may reach into someone's pocket as if he were right beside them, or open a shoji screen with his hands from across the room. This spell requires the caster actually move his hands in the way he wishes to manipulate an object (which also means he can't simply cause something to fly at him unless he throws it at himself). What can and cannot be moved is all determined exactly as if the caster were moving it with his own hands. The caster may move an item the distance he ordinarily could move it using only his hands without moving his feet, although he can move it, let go, and then pick it up again. He may lift 30 pounds per School Rank, or shove twice that weight. For the duration of this spell, the caster's hands are insubstantial and cannot hold anything.

Tiflsctioa of mem05v

When this spell is cast, the shugenja chooses one target to affect with it. As long as this spell is active, the target will not remember seeing the caster after he leaves. The target will remember someone, but his memory will draw a blank for the duration that this spell was in effect. Any attempt to figure out the discrepancy ( You know, as soon as Miyoko disappeared, I remember someone being the in the room, but I don't know who it was ) by the target will be met with utter failure, no matter how obvious the connection. Others, however, will probably easily notice the connection if it is mentioned.

Shadow booths

This spell causes a complete duplicate of the shugenja to spring into existence from the surrounding shadows (and thus cannot be cast where there are no shadows present). This double is solid and very real, possessing all of the caster's skills, but at half of his ranks (rounded down) and half his total Wounds. The double cannot speak. The caster may direct this double to attack the same target he is attacking each round, or take any action he would be able to take. The Shadow Brother does not suffer wound penalties, but is destroyed if it suffers enough wounds that it would take to bring the caster to the Down level. Crystal weapons deal twice the normal amount of wounds to the Brother, and if any damage die is re-rolled twice (two tens are rolled on the same die) when damaging the Brother, it is destroyed.

Shosuaos touch

The caster causes one object to become less anchored in reality, making it somewhat less substantial and solid. This spell may be cast on an object up to four cubic feet in size (or equivalent almost all weapons and armor fall into this category) which becomes half of its normal weight, and becomes harder to grasp as it becomes less real. If cast on a weapon or armor, this spell has itsTN to cast raised as if it were cast at the person holding wearing it. Weapons roll and keep one fewer die when rolling for damage (minimum one), and armor loses 5 of itsTN bonus when affected by this spell (minimumTN bonus of +0).

St3iks itito aothirq

This spell allows the caster to strike at the very fiber of a victim's existence, causing unnatural wounds and severe damage as he doesn't simply wound them he unmakes them. All of his 8s and 9s rolled for attack or damage reroll as if they were 10s. In addition, if he rolls 10 three times on the same die against an opponent when rolling for damage, the opponent immediately drops to the Down wound level, and the attack deals no further damage. The caster must spend all of his available Void Points to cast this spell, minimum 5.

Miscellaneous Magic

Book of One Art This item does not perform any magical functions. A detect magic spell cast on it reveals the presence of magic, but that magical energy comes entirely from the veneration bestowed on the volume by generations of students. naturally that it seems to be perfectly ordinary ground fog. A detect magic spell will reveal its magical nature, but a dispel magic spell will not affect it this fog is the captured spirit of an immortal being, after all. Messages created with invisible ink cannot be read by a read languages spell. A detect magic spell will reveal faint traces of magic. A dispel magic spell cast on such a message will make the letters go away forever if they are currently invisible, or fix them in place, never to disappear again, if they are currently visible. A detect magic spell will reveal the presence of an enchantment on the paper. Talking paper is very rare.

Thh Ootu Family

At 9th level the stalker gains spell resistance 25 against any magical effects generated by one of his victims. He may also cast either dream or nightmare, once per day as a spell-like ability, targeting one of his victims. If the victim fails his Will save against either of these effects, he permanently gains one Shadow Point.

Mystic Warrior

For Divine Grace and as an interesting character concept. To gain higher-level spells faster, you could make one up as a wizard or specialist wizard, or even use another spellcasting class as a cleric, bard or druid. Min Max Notes Be careful when choosing your spells. You need spells that are efficient and give you significant advantages in combat. Good defensive choices include blur, mage armor, mirror image, and shield. Other good spells include true strike, chill touch, shocking grasp, ghoul touch, bull's strength, cat's grace, and invisibility. At higher levels, blink, fly, haste, and keen edge are good choices. Spells that increase in effect with caster level, such as magic missile, lightning bolt, and fireball, should be avoided. Also, avoid spells that have similar effects. You may not want to get both fly and expeditious retreat, or chill touch and shocking grasp. Consider the Brew Potion feat, since you can use it to duplicate most of your spells to aid yourself and your...

Avernian Knight

The Nine Hells

As an Avernian knight, you combine the power of a warlock's pact with exceptional skill at arms, weaving sinister spells into your weapon. In battle, you call upon your spells to scour your foes with infernal curses and punish them severely when they ignore your challenge.

Shadow twia

This spell creates a double of the caster, standing two feet to his left or right. The double is an image, though the magic of I the spell allows the caster to switch places with the double J every round. Because of this, if someone attempts to strike the j caster in combat before he has struck in the round, they have a chance of hitting the wrong target. The shugenja's TN to Be Hit is raised by IS as long as he has not struck in the round, and is still raised by 5 afterward. He also gains a Free Raise when attacking, as opponents attempt to defend against both the shugenja and his double.

The Art of Fighting

Dancing Bend Over Backward

Thai boxers are prone to believe in magic spells, and the occult in the believe that such ploys could stop the opponent who would be too puzzled to fight. Fighters are known to have gone as far as to recite spells in graveyards particularly those reputed to be haunted, so as to facilitate meditation, strength, courage and increase readiness to face a man. One of the spells used by King Naresuan during his march against the Burmese, is often used in this ceremony Pra Chao 5 Pra Ong (Five Gods) Namo Buddhaya

Face Blur Illusion

The ninja casts this spell on himself or on another. It may be cast only on a willing target, who gets no saving throw. The spell alters the target's features slightly, making them unremarkable neither handsome nor ugly. The gaze of any witness slides right off the features of a ninja affected by this spell. A person who is keenly and alertly looking at the faces of everyone he sees such as a dedicated guard scanning a crowd to find someone who has just disappeared into it gets a saving throw against the effects of the spell. If the observer makes his saving throw, he sees the ninja's actual features instead of the nondescript face. Immunity to the spell lasts the length of the spell duration, but the spell itself is not dispelled and will work on people who have not made their saving throws. The person who successfully saves against this spell has no idea that a spell is in effect he does not see the false features fade away and feels no hint of magic. This spell's success depends on...

Class features

Spells A Shosuro Tejina casts divine spells from the Shosuro Tejina spell list (page 31) according to table 1-1 The Shosuro Tejina and Table 1-2 Shosuro Tejina Spells Known. Tejina cast spells as sorcerers, without needing to prepare specific spells in advance or maintain a spellbook. Shosuro Tejina receive bonus spells for high Charisma, and to cast a spell a Shosuro Tejina must have a Charisma score at lease equal to 10 + the level of the spell (Cha 10 for 0-level spells, Cha 11 for 1st-level spells, and so forth). The DC for a saving throw against a Shosuro Tejina's spell is 10 + the spell's level + the Shosuro Tejina's Charisma modifier. In order to cast spells from this class, the Shosuro Tejina must have Void Points remaining equal to the level of the spell. Levels of Tejina stack with other shugenja levels for determining the caster level of shugenja spells, but not for determining shugenja spells per day or total shugenja spells known. Shadowed Soul (Su) A 9th-level Shosuro...

Stealths Castirg

Your spells can be cast in a subtle way, possibly escaping notice entirely. Prerequisites Dexterity 14+, Hide (6 ranks), Move Silently (6 ranks), Spellcraft (6 ranks). Effect You may choose to use this feat when casting a spell to avoid others noticing you casting it. You make a Spellcraft check opposed by the Spot or Listen check made by any who might notice you taking such an action. If the spell you are casting has no verbal component, Listen checks may not be used against your Spellcraft check. If the spell you are casting has no somatic component, Spot checks made against your Spellcraft check have a -5 circumstance penalty. If the spell you are casting has neither a somatic or material component, Spot checks may not be used against your Spellcraft check. If you are reading the spell from a scroll (or ofuda), Spot checks made against your Spellcraft check gain a +5 circumstance bonus. Other circumstantial factors may prevent the use of this feat completely, at the DM's option.

Siletit sourd

This spell is cast on a single object, no larger than three feet in diameter. It prevents the object from creating any sound, including sound caused by it moving against other surfaces. If this spell' were cast on an arrow before it was fired, it would speed silently through the air, and make absolutely no noise if it struck a stone wall and snapped. If the spell is cast on a person's footgear or equivalent, the target rolls (but does not keep) one extra die on Stealth rolls.

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