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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Foreword x

Introduction to Enlightenment xii

Chapter One: A Brief History of Ninjutsu,

Ancient and Modern 1

Chapter Two: Chi Kung and Kundalini:

The Real Secret of the Masters 17

Chapter Three: The Kundalini Experience 29

Chapter Four: Traditional Relationships and Teaching in

Esoteric Martial Arts 45

Chapter Five: Meditations for Becoming Enlightened 57

Chapter Six: The Godan or Master's Test for a Ninja 87

Chapter Seven: Portrait of the Artist as a Grandmaster 97

Chapter Eight: Seeing and Feeling the Aura 111

Chapter Nine: Healing 121

Chapter Ten: Teaching Esoteric Strategy at the College Level or The Founding of an American Ryu to Compete with Ninjutsu 1 29

Chapter Eleven: Exchanges with Interesting People 139

Chapter Twelve: Screwing Up.. .Higher Sexual Practice 155

Chapter Thirteen: Mirror, Mirror...Seeing Through a Glass Darkly 1 73

Chapter Fourteen: Dreams and Dreamers 183

Chapter Fifteen: Magic, Crystals, Talismans, and Swords 195

Chapter Sixteen: Spirits ...

Things that Go Bump in the Night 2 01

Chapter Seventeen: The Spider Prince 2 15

Chapter Eighteen: Spirits ... In Vino Veritas 2 27

Chapter Nineteen: Strategies for a New Age 237

Chapter Twenty: What Good Is Enlightenment? 243

Annotated Bibliography for the Inner Adventurer 2 53


This book is for my parents, my wives, and their children who became my own. It is for Linda who sent me away to follow my heart's desire and welcomed me home when I'd achieved a goal few would seek and fewer understand. It is dedicated to my students and friends who struggled with me as we all learned "the ways of strategy," and to those whose particular need for transformation draws them to the life-giving sword inherent in the highest levels of mastery in the martial arts, may they continue to fear no evil.

I would like to thank the following master teachers of Togakure Ryu Ninpo for their toleration of my eccentricities and for allowing me to become a part of their dream: Masaaki Hatsumi-Soke, thirty-fourth linear grandmaster of the Togakure Ryu, who brought the ninja out of the dark and took the risk of teaching gaijin (round-eyed devils); Stephen Hayes, who started the Ninja Boom in the United States; Bud and Bonnie Malmstrom, who are living examples of the loving heart; Kevin Millis of Shibu West who sometimes shares his life and perspective; the Japanese shihan, Seno-san and Kan-san, for their continual sacrifice of their bodies in endless years of demos; Shiraishi-sensei and Ishizuka-sensei, for their lessons and hospitality when I was in their homes, training, or partying with them; Larry Turner and Greg Kowalski, who shared their expertise with me, and all the others who had the courage to look behind the propaganda, go to Japan, and become teachers of Bujinkan.

Other enlightened martial artists who contributed to my development include Shichidan Sherman Harrill of Carson City, Iowa, who is a magnificent teacher of Isshinryu Karate, and Leo Sebregst, who heads the Wu Shu Association of South Africa and whose teachings are available to all races in the city of Johannesburg.

John Yono, a boxer living in Livonia, Michigan, has provided interesting insights from a totally self-taught, no-respect-for-the-loser, Middle Eastern perspective.

Alternative medical systems have also played a necessary and positive role. The Chinese National Institute of Chi Kung in Moul-ton, Alabama, has a very good correspondence course for the development of chi (bioelectrical energy or subtle energy). Mantak Chia and Steven Chang have written extremely valuable works for those interested in working with their bodies' electrical systems.

Psychologists and healers who have chosen to be part of the Midwest Association of Humanistic Psychology have shared their knowledge and skills with me over the last ten years and provided a wonderful sounding board as well as confirmation that some of the rather strange phenomena I experienced were felt by others. Were it not for annual conventions where I could observe Trager enthusiasts, Reiki workers, and meditators of various ilk, as well as get on their tables, I feel I might have lost my sanity. Cynthia Raczko cf Ann Arbor; Ilana Rubenfeld of Rubenfeld Synergy; Lisi Graves of Charlestown, Indiana; Treesa Weaver of Hillsdale, Michigan; and M. Cohen-Nehemia, founder of the Mitzvah Technique of Toronto, Canada, have wonderful skills in bodywork.

Denise Hillyard taught me many things about friendship across generations, and without the computer knowledge of Denise's Envoi Design in Cincinnati I'd never have been able to pull off this book. Dan Vettes at Jackson Commiunily College MacLab helped me set up the book one frustrating afternoon.

Steve Noonkesser, Campbell Walker, Randall Reising, Cortney Strother, Toffesse Alemu, Suzanne Carlson, Kevin Brown. Skip Lepire, Rick Pinter, Karim abu Shakra of Jordan, Ted Consengco, Andy Tucker, Rick Groves, Dr. Richard Grant, L. J. Lavene, Shawn Phillips, Jaime Lombard, and Blake Poindexter all achieved the rank of shodan (first degree black belt) or higher in my self-protection course, hoshinjutsu (weapon heart skills) while completing their bachelor's degrees. They suffered my abuse, became my friends, and taught me what they wanted to learn. Each made major contributions to my thinking and continually amazed me in terms of what young human beings can accomplish when their minds are set free. The new generation free from Hillsdale College's PC conservalism — Dr. Kobert Simpson, Todd Smith, Bill Kesterson, Michael Cornelius, Bill Killgallon, Tom Van Auken, Chris Cornelius, Mark Rubinson, and Bret Talbot—are every bit as interesting to observe and much easier to teach as they find their piece of the path.

As to whether I have any writing skills, 111 allow the reader to make that judgment. I've a background in poetry which has allowed me to earn extra income as a designer of psychometric instruments and simulation games for heuristic purposes. My editors at North Atlantic Books, Kathy Glass and Sal Glynn, have been very helpful in correcting my failings and excesses. This is my first attempt at a complete work in easily readable prose. I have co-authored some textbooks, so my style leaves much to be desired. I am particularly indebted to Ms. Glass, who shows remarkable depth, humor, and insight.

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