Sexual Practice

Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia. Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. Huntington, New York: Healing Tao Books, 1986. Absolutely the best book for women. Never give this to any female with whom you are intimate if you haven't finished your own work. You'll never catch up if she catches on. The ladies learn this stuff more quickly and easily than men because of the structure of the corpus colossum. They've one for male sexual practice called Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy. New York: Aurora Press, 1986. You should read both.

Dr. Stephen T. Chang. The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom. San Francisco: Tao Publishing, 1988. Combines Chinese medicine and sex therapy in unexpected but beneficial ways. Easy to read and experiment with. Discussion of "million dollar point" is invaluable. However, his discussion of strengthening the immune system to cancel out virus-related infections is not supported by my experience nor observation of others.

Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger. Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy. New York: Destiny Books, 1979. A wonderful book. Provides cross-cultural tantric practice as well as tips for getting into the attitudes of the gods. Must be read — though looking at the pictures will provide for hours of experimentation. Referred to in code by those in the know as The Big Red Book. The most practical and useful discussion of higher tantric practice I've ever found and I read a lot. No home library is complete without it if you are trying to understand Eastern religion, sexuality, and culture. Margo Anand's The Art of Sexual Ecstasy (Tarcher, 1990) provides modern application of these ancient principles for the beginning Westerner.

Dr. Alan P. Brauer and Donna Brauer. E.S.O., The New Promise of Pleasure for Couples in Love: Extended Sexual Orgasm (an illustrated guide). New York: Warner Books, 1983. It's fun to see what a bright young couple can figure out to do with sexual organs and a Western medical background. Go scientific method!

Gregory J. P. Godek. 1001 Ways To Be Romantic. Weymouth, Mass.: Casablanca Press, 1991. This is my major failing in life. A little bit of this goes a long way. If you want to preserve a relationship or create one, let Godek be your guide. It's never too late. This book is a heartbreaker if you haven't a clue. My ex gave it to me in hopes I would reform. It's a frightening mirror. I've seen women burst into tears when reading it. The marriage you save may be your own.

Philosophy and Strategy

Miyamoto Musashi. The Book of Five Rings. Woodstock, N.Y. Overlook Press, 1974. There is also a Bantam translation that is very good. The Japanese consider this the equivalent of a Gospel or Veda. It is a guide for the individual warrior and contains many useful techniques for disposing of swordsmen.

Sun Tzu. The Art of War. Any number of translators. I like R.L. Wing's The Art of Strategy. New York: Dolphin/Doubleday, 1988. The guide book for Chinese bandits and inner adventurers everywhere. Like go is to chess, Sun Tzu is to Clauswitz. Avoidance of conflict is the basis of all strategies, leading to eventual total and permanent victory.

Lao Tzu. Tao Te Ching. Aside from the Bible, the most translated book ever written. Once again, I'll support R.L. Wing's translation, The Tao of Power: Lao Tzu's Classic Guide to Leadership, Influence and Excellence. New York: Dolphin/Doubleday, 1986. There is no better prescription for skilled leadership than this subtle and marvelous guide to influencing others.

Lex Hixon. Coming Home: The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions. Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1989. Ken Wilber thinks this is the best introductory work on the world's great mystical traditions. Hixon's presentation is unusually clear and easy to read. He moves from ancient tradition to contemporary practice with a knowing skill. This book is more useful for the beginner than John White's What is Enlightenment.

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion/Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, Hinduism: A Complete Survey of the Teachers, Traditions, and Literature of Asian Wisdom. Boston: Shambhala Publications, 1989. Tells you what the words mean, who the people were, and what important things they said. A helpful text when you are reading and people use esoteric language to demonstrate they've been East or talked to a guru who didn't know English words for his or her practice. (Sometimes there aren't any. Salvation or "being cool" really isn't the equivalent of satori or sammadhi.)

Dr. Christopher M. Bache. Life Cycles: Reincarnation and the Web of Life. New York: Paragon House, 1990. The last two chapters are brilliant and the rest of the book held my attention. The Web of Life and discussion of Sheldrake's field theory had me moving my lips. This is a very useful book as an interpretation of Sun Tzu's commentary on the Divine Web.

Warren Bennis. On Becoming a Leader. New York: Addison Wesley Publishing, 1989. A guide to modern leadership in organizations. Research-based and well written. if you are going to be a leader in the field of martial arts or just an excellent teacher of the way, this book will provide information that is just as useful as the more traditional Oriental texts concerning strategy and leadership.

Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. New York: Harper and Row, 1990. A guide to the inner experiences that make life worthwhile. Psychological support for the Zen experience. He even cites ninjutsu as a possible route to physical liberation. Interesting book if you're pedantic or skeptical enough to need a totally Western viewpoint. He tends to squeeze the juice out of the lemons.

Herbert Silberer. Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts. New York: Dover Publications, 1928. Also J. C. Cooper's An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1987. Cooper explains all kinds of things if you haven't figured out that there is a basis to magic that is rather weird science. A knowledge of symbols becomes very important when you begin to visualize and communicate telepathically. Silberer's book is quite old and way ahead of his time. He was probably burned on a stake. He translates some old German alchemical texts and then performs a Freudian interpretation that is quite good.

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