Duties Of Coach

I. General

A. Submit a tentative team list to the CIC prior to the first practice session. Before the first scheduled record contest submit a finalized team roster on the "Intramural Record of Participation" form. The CIC will keep the form for the entire season. It is the coaches responsibility to keep it current.

B. Make sure that all boxers are eligible and are medically cleared to box (Appendix B).

C. Know all rules as they appear in the "INTRAMURAL BOXING MANUAL".

D. Insure proper use of heavy bags and supervise sparring. SPARRING WILL NOT BE DONE OUTSIDE OF THE RINGS. BAG GLOVES WILL NOT BE USED TO SPAR. COACHES WILL BE PRESENT AT ALL TIMES WHEN INTRA-COMPANY SPARRING TAKES PLACE. DPE INSTRUCTOR MUST ALSO BE PRESENT. All safety equipment (headgear etc) must be worn when sparring—even if boxers are controlled sparring drills.

E. Report all accidents related to boxing to both the CIC and DPE trainers.

F. Police the company area of responsibility after scheduled practices and record contests.

G. During practice session wear a shirt marked "COACH". All team members must be in company jerseys during practice sessions. Sweats may be worn if so desired.

H. On days when the team practices early, make sure your team is out of the boxing rooms at the prescribed times.

I. Fill out bout entry form and submit it to the CIC prior to 1610 on the day of the record contests. If you are boxing late, submit it prior to the last bout of the early session. (See Intramural Forms Section Appendix B.)

J. Have your boxers ready to box at the time prescribed by the CIC.

K. Receive the correct colored boxing trunks along with the protective cups and headgear from the Intramural Storeroom. This equipment must be turned in prior to leaving the gym.

L. Use Vaseline for all sparring bouts and all record contests.

M. Have one other individual in the boxer's corner to act as a second. During the conduct of the bout the coach and the second must remain off the mat.

N. After a bout the coaches should make a physical check of all team members to insure that all injuries have been reported. An oral O.K. should then by given to the CIC.

O. A boxer losing a bout by a referee stops contest (RSC) must be checked out by the DPE Trainer prior to his departure from the gym. Those knocked out should be sent to the Training Room with another team member.

P. At the termination of a bout, have boxers shake hands prior to returning to their corner to await the official's decision.

Q. The score card can be viewed by the coach in the presence of the CIC. The coach is the only individual authorized to view these cards.

R. Coaches are encouraged to stop bouts when they feel that their man has indicated an inability to properly defend himself. In order to stop a bout the coach should make a visual and oral indication to the referee. No towels should be thrown into the ring.

S. Submit all protests to the CIC as soon as possible. If the protest cannot be resolved by the CIC, the protest should be referred to the DPE Sport Educator on duty. Formal written protests will be authorized through the athletic chain of command within twenty-four hours after the completion of the contest in question. You cannot protest a judgment call (i.e./ a decision by the judges).

II. Prior to Record Contest

A. Submit bout entry form at the prescribed time prior to the start of the bout.

B. Insure all boxers are medically cleared for that day's bout.

C. Pick-up necessary equipment from DPE Supply (e.g. trunks and groin protectors)

D. Insure all members of the team are in correct uniform (e.g. company shirt, Gym A shorts and appropriate footwear).

E. Insure all boxers are properly warmed-up prior to their bouts.

III. During Record Contest

A. Use proper techniques as seconds/coaches between rounds.

B. Be professional in your actions while the bouts are taking place.

C. Make the decision, through the CIC, to stop the bout if your boxer is completely outclassed or in danger of being seriously injured.

D. Should a boxer be injured during his bout, provide a team member to escort the injured boxer to the training room.

E. Resolve any protests immediately with the CIC. IV After Record Contest

A. Give a verbal O.K. to CIC that all boxers are fine or submit an accident report.

B. Insure your team leans their area prior to leaving the Gym.

C. Insure all boxing equipment has been returned to the lockers and the DPE supply room.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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