Prior To A Record Contest

A. Distribute enough bout entry forms to each coach for the entire season (8 should be sufficient). The forms for the early session must be completed and submitted to the CIC prior to 1555 on the day of record competition. Those for the late hour will be submitted prior to the last bout of the early session. (See Appendix B)

B. Check set up of boxing area. This includes the adequate distribution of boxing scorecards for the six officials.

C. Contact coaches the day before a record contest and make them aware of the following:

1. Time the first bout will begin (1620 hrs.)

2. Color of trunks to be worn (Black & Gold) and instruct then to pick-up equipment prior to bout.

3. Which boxing ring his team will be competing in.

4. All current changes to rules which might effect the conduct of the bout.

D. Have the bouts start at 1600 sharp. The companies boxing late should be given an approximate time to be ready. If the time is moved up or back the coaches should be notified.

E. Make head referee aware of the number of officials needed for the record contest (normally 10—3 judges, 1 referee, 1 timekeeper per ring).

6 judges 2 timekeeper/scorekeeper

2 referees

*These positions will rotate among the officials.

The head referee should draw the necessary equipment (clock, whistle, etc.) III. DURING THE RECORD CONTEST

A. Make a safety check

1. Vaseline is being used.

2. Referees are checking headgear

3. Coaches are using the proper techniques as seconds

B. All boxers are cleared by DPE trainers to participate.

C. Evaluate the two referees working the bout in progress. On the spot critiques should be made by the CIC and head referee during the one minute in between rounds.

D. Make the decision to stop a bout if a boxer is completely outclassed or in danger of being seriously injured.

E. Have the scorekeeper collect the boxing scorecards from the referee at the end of the bout. The coach is the only individual allowed to view scorecard. This viewing must be in the presence of the CIC. Any questions that cannot be resolved by the coach and the CIC will be brought to the attention of the DPE Sport Educator.

F. Resolve on the spot protests and any questions pertaining to rules interpretations.

G. Make sure that all boxers losing a bout by TKO or KO are accompanied by a team member to the DPE Training Room to be medically evaluated.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

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