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Intramural Boxing - Basic Guidelines

Team Strength

A. Minimum 7, Maximum 11 (No more than 2 at the same weight).

B. Additional Boxers may be added during the season to keep team rosters filled. These boxers must meet all the eligibility and screening requirements outlined below.

C. Coaches are responsible for maintaining team strength and informing CICs and DPE monitors of any discrepancies.

Weight Classes -There are 5 weight classes: 145, 160, 175, 190, Heavyweight. Boxers may not exceed the weight for the class and must weigh within ten pounds of the maximum allowable weight for each weight class (i.e./ a boxer boxing at 145 pounds must weigh between 135 and 145 pounds, inclusive).


A. Ineligible.

1. Fourth class cadets.

2. Cadets who have not completed 4th Class Boxing (i.e. received at least a C grade).

3. Brigade Open Boxing Champions and Open/experienced boxers (if in doubt, check with the DPE Director of Boxing).

4. Injured cadets that have not been CLEARED by the DPE trainers.

5. National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) All Americans.

6. Women cadets.

B. Eligible.

1. Upper class cadets that have:

a) completed 4th Class Boxing with at least a "C"

b) not won the BDE Boxing Open c) not been designated as a NCBA All-American

2. Novice boxers as determined by the DPE Director for boxing

3. Coaches are allowed to box and coach. The team must identify an assistant coach if the coach boxes.

Coaches and Officials

A. Underclass cadets that are ineligible to box in intramurals (BDE Open Champs, NCBA All-Americans, and Open Amateur experience) may serve as the head coach or as officials (referees/judges/timekeepers). These cadets will receive intramural credit.

B. Women cadets that have completed 4th Class Boxing and are on the Cadet Boxing Club, may serve in the capacity of Boxing Coach or as a boxing official (referee/judge/ timekeeper).

C. The Director of Fourth Class Boxing will certify all IM Boxing officials. Participation

A. Each cadet must box in at least two of the scheduled record contests to receive IM credit for boxing.

B. Sparring: No cadet will spar until they have completed the Medical Screening form and have been cleared by the DPE trainers to spar.

C. Boxing in a Record of Contest: No cadet can box in their first record of contest until they have:

1. been medically screened by the DPE trainers (B above)

2. sparred a minimum of 2 (1) minute rounds under the supervision of a DPE boxing monitor and DPE trainer prior to the record of contest

3. been checked off on a roster maintained by the DPE trainer as being medically screened and having completed sparring.

Weigh In - After 1000 hrs and before 1610 on day of the bout. Steam Room will not be used on the day of the bout.

Uniform - Gym A with company shirts for all practices and contests. Predominately white court shoes or boxing/wrestling shoes will be the footwear (no running shoes allowed). Headgear, protective cups, and gloves will be provided for sparring and for record of contest bouts. Cadets must have hand-wraps and pre-molded mouthpieces.

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