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Sit on the legs and bend backwards as

Far as you can comfortably go. Use your hands for sui p p ort. You do not h ave to go all the way back.


Bar Stretching is great, but i most people dont have a bar in their ho^e or gym. So you can use a truck, or car back, or even a table.

Put your leg on the truck back, and lean over to touch the head to the knees. Do both side. Hold each stretch 5 seconds.

Put your leg on the truck back, and lean over to touch the head to the knees. Do both side. Hold each stretch 5 seconds.

You can also lean To the right and left to put more pressure on the stretching leg.


Lean over and touch the head to the knee. Do both legs


Keep the back straight and lift the knee as high as you can to the side. Pull up on the knee and stretch the back of th legs.

Tf m

Pull back as far

Tf m

ow drop the knee down and pull back on the leg. To stretch th front of th legs

Pull back as far as you can and you may lean over into the table.


you have a partner. You can hold on to their hand for balance and place your foot on their shoulder. Stretch forward. Do both egs.

You can also lea dowwn and drop your weight to put more stretch on your leg


Hold on the ^all for support and have your partner stretch your leg straight up

Try to straighten your body up as much as possible into the stretch.


Have the partner hold your arms by the elbows and lean backwards. He wwill gently pick you up and stretch your back. Go


Have your partner pull your arms straight back across your body to stretch the shoulders. Go slo^ and easy.

Martial Arts Secrets of Fitn W e i g h t Tr a i n i n g ess

Wei ght Iraining is an important part of M artial Mrts Fitn ess Training and is something that should be done consistently throughout your entire life. You are never too old to start lifting weights, but you can be too young. I do not suggest that you let a child ^ho^ has not reached puberty to lift weights. W ait until the child is at least 13 and then only lift what they can comfortably handle. Do not force them to do heavy reps. Let them build up their muscles It is important not to turn the child off to weight training so that they ^ill want to continue to lift their entire lives.

take off Sunday. On the days I do not

I lift weights every other day for 6 days, thei lift weights I walk, do karate, wrestle, golf, or some other form of hard aerobic exercise . When I walk, or golf I always carry a weight in my hands. This doubles the exercise effectiveness by allowing an arm and upper body workout, while working out the legs, abs and heart with the walking or golf.

I do not lift Heavy weights. I am 54 ye ars old and do not need to try to bench 300

pounds to prove I am strong or build my chest. I already have a great chest and keep it toned and pumped by lifting smaller weights, but lifting them hundreds of times.

I work out on the bench ^ith 135 pounds, or 2 big plates and do reps of 50 to 100. 50 to 100 times for each set.


To do the regulär bench pr ©ss grasp the bar with the hands evenly spaced. Lower the bar slowly to the ehest and hold it about 1 second then push it back up to the top. I war^ up with 2 sets of a b o ut 10 füll liftin q reps.

This is the last set of "full" lifts I do. After my ■war^ ups I go to imy modified or half up bench press and do O to 10 s ets of 50 to 100.


Narrow Hands

During these sets I keep my hands a little narrow about the width of my chest and I DO NOT LIFT

the bar all the way back up. I Pu^p the Chest by only lifting the bar Half Way Up and then back dowwn.

chest and I DO NOT LIFT

the bar all the way back up. I Pu^p the Chest by

I do 5 to 10 s ets of 50 to 100 reps. That is not a mistype. I do

to 10 sets.


Wide Hands



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