Inseparable Arms

Inseparable Arms. This is a simple matter of leverage, but serves to reinforce a positive mental attitude in the student. With the arms interlocked by the fingers and held at shoulder height, let two partners grab the student on the bicep area, not the forearm, and try to pull the arms apart. They should pull and not jerk and will find that they cannot pull them apart, even if as many as four men try to. Note: if a football is carried like this, it is impossible to be fumbled.

Note that the shoulders and elbows are

This exercise is primarily to show how people have been conditioned to misbelieve many things about the body. When the arms are placed in this position, they are actually already apart.

fully extended to the sides. The only thing that is together is the fingers and the partners are not trying to pull the fingers apart but the arms, which are already apart. So unless they jerk or pull from the front, they cannot pull the arms apart.

However this technique does have practical applications. If you wrap your arms around someone you wish to tackle in football, they will not be able to make you let your arms go. You may not tackle them, but at least they will drag you over the goal line and you won't look as bad as if you had let them go.

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