Taking A Shot in The Ribs

Most of your life you have probably never had a coach, a friend or a teacher who ever told you what to do if you were going to gst hit in the ribs. You may have been told to cover up, block it, get out of the way, but no one ever told you what you could do to protect the ribs if it were inevitable that you were going to get hit in the ribs. It is actually a most easy form of KI and can be learned quickly and applied easily to most game situations.

Remember that when you are getting hit in the ribs you are doing something, even if it is only letting your ribs get broken. Most people do exactly the wrong thing when they feel a hit coming into the ribs. They try to get out of the way. This does two bad things. It stretches the rib cage open and lets a lot of air into the chest. We have already seen that air can burst like a balloon, and certainly if you expose your ribs and separate them by leaning away from the blow, you will get them cracked or broken by the hit.

What you should do is to rely upon the three factors of your KI. Let the large muscle groups of the abdominal and the lats cushion and absorb most of the blow, at the same time let the breath be forcefully exhaled to keep the rib cage contracted as fully as possible and use the mind to concentrate your power to the area to make your muscles and breath react properly. If you do these three things the blow will just bounce off and cause no damage or pain.

Procedure: (when practicing place the hand on top of the head because in most games when you get hit in the ribs your arms are up, or out.)

1. Pull the lats muscle out as far as possible by concentrating the muscles of the latisumus dorsi and making them larger or expanded.

2. Lean the body to the side being hit, try to touch the elbow to your side, this squeezes the ribs together and protects them.

3. Let the breath out forcefully, to help you squeeze the ribs together and to contract the muscles.

4. Lean slightly forward in the area of the blow. This pulls the lats out further to act as a cushion for the blow.

If you are being punched in the floating ribs, (the area located at the sides of the abdominal muscles), you must lean forward, crunch down on the stomach and rib cage and into the blow. The stomach muscles play an important part in this KI and to fully get them tightened, and the ribs tightened, you must let your breath out at the point of impact as well as concentrate your mind.

Important: it is vital that you overemphasize the downward crunching movement of the ribs and the crunch of the stomach muscles.

Taking a punch in the ribs:

1. pull out the lats.

2. lean into the punch.

3. bend toward the punch.

4. exhale the air at impact.

5. concentrate the mind.

Taking an elbow in the ribs: 1. pull out the lat muscle.

2. lean toward the elbow.

3. bend toward the side.

4. exhale the air at the time of impact.

5. concentrate the mind.

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