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1. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and begin to concentrate the mind on the fact "I am going to get hit in the stomach". Keep affirming this fact over and over, at the same time asserting to yourself "I am not going to get hurt, I cannot be hurt by a hit in the stomach." Your mind is very strong and when concentrated it can achieve fantastic power. If it believes firmly that you are first of all; going to get hit in the stomach, it will prepare all the muscles of the body for the blow and will begin to concentrate the breath from the exercises you have been doing to control the breath. Next, when the mind tells your body "I am not going to get hurt" your body has no choice but to react as if it were not going to get hurt. Your muscles cannot think, your breath cannot think. They do not know if the person punching you can hurt you or not. Your mind must make that decision and you are conditioning your mind now by affirming to yourself the positive fact that you are not going to get hurt. Your mind will coordinate the muscles and the breath and prepare the body for the blow and the combination of the three factors will assure that you do not receive an injury. Note: you will never get hurt when practicing because first of all you will never be experiencing negative reinforcement, because you will be using a partner who will only punch you in the stomach the first time with his finger tips and will not hit you any harder till you are sure you can take a harder punch. Each time you train your confidence will be built up and each time your KI will become stronger because of your practicing it, you will not be getting hurt because of the light punches you are Taking while you are learning and by the time you are ready to let someone hit you very hard, your mind is ready, your breath is ready, and your muscles are ready.

2. Step forward with either foot, and let half of the air out of the stomach area. Do not let all of the air out because the partner may wait until you

2. Step forward with either foot, and let half of the air out of the stomach area. Do not let all of the air out because the partner may wait until you breathe in and then hit you. This can do damage. Let out half of the air and continue to really concentrate the mind on the two important facts. "I

am going to get hit", and "I will not get hurt."

3. When you are firmly convinced in your mind that you are ready to take the punch and that you will not be hurt, nod your head and the partner will lightly hit you in the stomach. Keep your eyes open and as you see the punch coming, quickly begin to tighten all the stomach muscles and all the other muscles of the body. At the same time exhale all your air as forcefully as you can and make a noise when doing so. (The reason you make a noise is that you cannot let all your air out forcefully unless you are making a noise.) Some students are shy or reserved and do not want to make a loud noise. Let me assure you the louder the noise, the more power you are bringing into your stomach area - power of concentration, muscle control and breath.

4. When the punch hits your stomach, yell as loud as you can, tighten all the muscles and then keep the body and breath ready in case another punch is to follow. (Sometimes in a game you will get hit twice.) After you are certain no more punches are following, step back and smile, reconfirming to yourself that you were not hurt and you won't ever be hurt by these exercises. (This is to practice your positive conditioning.) Do not let the partner hit you several times in the beginning, unless you concentrate completely the mind each time as you did to take the first punch.

5. Each time you practice, you should increase the power of the punches that the partner is using and in a very short time you will be able to let him hit you as hard as he can without receiving any injury or bruise.

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