The Unbendable Arm. Just as a tree limb cannot be bent and water cannot be compressed, the arm is capable of not being bent when the mind directs it so. The first step is to concentrate the mind on the arm and to continue to reaffirm to the arm the fact. "This arm cannot be bent", next the arm should be placed on the shoulder of the partner and the partner should place both of his arms near the elbow joint and begin to try to bend the arm. The man trying not to have his arm bent must be careful not to roll the arm over and point the elbow up, for this assures that the arm cannot be bent but also that it can be broken. The student should project a mental image of himself walking forward and through the opponent. This should be practiced a little each day until such time as the arm cannot be bent by the partner. Both arms should be used. The ability to have unbendable arms can be very valuable in stiff arming an opponent in football and in throwing objects.

Steps in the "unbendable arm

1. Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and place your arm on the partners shoulder.

2. Pull him towards you so that you do not have to pull your arm out of socket, or extend it out, to reach him.

3. Affirm to yourself "this arm cannot be bent."

4. Let him begin to pull down on the arm, slowly, gradually increasing his pulling strength.

4. Let him begin to pull down on the arm, slowly, gradually increasing his pulling strength.

5. Slowly let your breath out, and let the arm bend slightly, with his pulling-down efforts.

6. Now assert your mind, your muscles and your breath and straighten the arm up and do not allow it to bend again.

7. Repeat with each arm daily until mastered.

8. When he is trying to bend your arm, if you feel it bending stop him and start over. Caution: do not roll the elbow up, this will break the arm. Do not let the partner jerk hard on the arm, let him pull slowly and steadily.

Results: Increase ability to concentrate; increased muscular control; increased confidence in yourself and your strength and ability; training of the mind to control the muscles; applicable to many sport situations (stiff arming in football, pushing weights, throwing objects in track and field, and the improved concentration that can be used in all sports).

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