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How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days

This is a program which uses step by step guide which has unique techniques which will help you in gaining confidence and easily persuading people in everything you say to them regardless of your current life status or what you generally pursue in life. The creator of the power of persuasion goes by the name of Michael Lee. Michael has put in place a 60-day certificate of guarantee to any member who feels not satisfied with the program which means that no risk in this system making it worth you joining it. Through the power of persuasion course, you will learn how to persuade people on everything you say to them and also how to make everyone around you like you and crave being around you all the time. Based on the many benefits that come with this unique program, I highly recommend this program to anyone who has not yet joined. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Michael Lee
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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this e-book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

Elite Social Control

Elite Social Control has taken the old principles of personal magnetism and basically cross-pollinated them with more modern teachings, in an effort to create an unstoppable persuasion system. Just a few of the secrets in Elite Social Control: The #1 myth about hypnosis today and how to protect yourself by applying this strategy now! Why almost everyone is wrong about attraction. How to control any social interaction and it's outcome. A closely guarded secret that you must possess if you ever want to become known as a Social Master, gain all the friends you could ever need and make every other person around you seem inferior and irrelevant. A complete, step-by-step blueprint for generating quality conversation any time you want. Discover the mesmerizing statements that take command of people, put them under your spell and keep them tantalized by every word that comes out of your mouth. Get rid of negative social habits, such as saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. How to embed a command in a person's brain so that if they can't follow you right now, they will be hypnotically compelled to obey your commands later. How to drop statements in your conversation unobtrusively, while skillfully inducing others to follow your lead. Learn how to apply tasteful, but persuasive suggestions to your speech, and literally get hordes of mind slaves with the raw magnetism of a Winston Churchill! Read more here...

Elite Social Control Summary

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Masters Of Mind Control

What You Will Learn At The Mind Control Seminar CD Program. Youll learn how to uncover anyones deepest motivation and how to use that to influence them. Yes, this is Very manipulative but people wont mind because everyone loves talking about this subject. Youll learn a real-life technique of mind reading that can reveal the feelings and thoughts that people are trying to hide from you. I agree this sounds far fetched but people have consistently reported accurate results and you dont have to be psychic to do it! Youll learn how to subtly guide people through subliminal positive and negative feedback. This is classic behavioral conditioning that will make people Want to please you. Youll learn how to create such a strong and lasting motivation with you that no one can influence you. This is your best way to prevent anyone using Mind Control against you and create a passion for life. Yes, you will learn the Mind Control techniques that can be used to hurt people. These are typically referred to as Dark Patterns and while you will learn these techniques, please, Dont Use Them. They can cause depression and some say, suicide.

Masters Of Mind Control Summary

Contents: Audio Trainings
Author: Dantalion Jones
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Beginning Mind Control

To begin with let us define the term mind control as we mean to use it. Mind control is the conscious ability to concentrate the mind toward a specific goal or on a specific muscle, with such determination and persistence that nothing will stop you or break your concentration. It is not a magical power to make you superman, or to move objects, change your life or personality. It is your will exercising itself on your conscious and subconscious mind to will it or make it perform and concentrate towards one specific object or idea.

Ashida KimDojo Press 2000

NINJA MIND CONTROL is, without doubt, one of the best selling and most widely read books on Ninja Meditation ever written. It has been translated into six languages and distributed worldwide with excellent result. Achieve mastery over your own mind and possess the key that unlocks the secrets of the cosmos. The true Mystic-Warrior prevails without unsheathing his weapon. He is master of the bloodless coup. With his mental and physical abilities he evades, confuses, and clouds the mind of any opponent. Revealed here are the Breathing Exercises and Kuji-Kiri hand positions that enable you to collect, cultivate, and circulate Qi, the vital lifeforce that surrounds, permeates, and flows within the body. Through these methods, mind reading, hypnosis and suggestion, the Ninja controls himself, and, in so doing, the outcome of every encounter as well. Includes the Five Element Exercises and Mi Lu Kata, the Lost Track Form, of self defense that can turn even the most humble into a fighting...

Taking A Punch In The Stomach

You are now ready to begin to practice and apply your concept of KI by learning to take a punch in the stomach. We have already begun to practice all the three aspects that are necessary to develop our KI. We are doing sit ups, legs up and muscle conditioning exercises to strengthen the muscles and learn to control them. We are doing breathing exercises that enable us to concentrate on our breath and to as much as possible move it from various areas of our body that may be hit. We have practiced beginning mind control to learn to focus and concentrate the mind on one specific point, or to one area of the body. Now we will use all three at once and begin to see how easy it is to let someone hit us in the stomach without receiving an injury or even a bruise.

Questions And Answers On KI

You should do your breathing exercises every day, your sit ups every day, your muscle training 3 times a week, your meditation and beginning mind control exercises every day for at least 3 months. By then you will have learned all the techniques well enough to take almost any blow without receiving an injury. Then you may practice these exercises 3 times a week. Remember that your KI is as much technique as it is mind control and so you must practice your technique by letting people hit you. If you have not let anyone hit you for 4 weeks, your technique will not be as sharp, therefore your KI will not be as good. It is just like any sport, you must practice specific techniques quite often to stay in top condition.

Removal Of Pain Avoidance Of Pain

When you were young you used a similar technique for the removal of pain. Remember when you would fall down and hurt your knee. You would grab your knee and take a deep breath, squeeze your muscles, then limp home and your mother would kiss it and make it well. Usually you really did feel better and most of the pain was gone. What was happening was the use of three techniques for the removal or avoidance of pain that we will use. You were using breath control, muscle control and mind control. You used your breath to draw your body's healing powers to the area and to stop the nerve movement. You used your muscle to tighten the area and draw extra blood into it and relieve some of the pain. You used your mother's kiss as a mental affirmation that you no longer hurt. 3. Forget that you are injured and pay no more attention to any pain that may still be coming to the brain. Begin to concentrate very hard on the task or game at hand. Do not let the mind wander to the sensation of pain....

End of

Getting hit - contact that breaks bones, injures muscle. Solution use of Ki (breath, muscle and mind control all used simultaneously). If you will study this book with an open mind, begin to practice the techniques and appreciate the value of the techniques found in it. Your ability to concentrate will greatly improve, your skills will sharpen and your mind becomes stronger. You will have a much greater ability to withstand blows and hits that would injure most people, and you will improve your performance by the use of balance points, concentration and mind control. 3. There is only one art form in the world that teaches you how to get hit without getting injured Jiu-Jitsu, and it does not require any magical mystical powers. It is simply breath, muscle and mind control all put together to form a new identity called KI. (Just like the various pieces of metal are all put together and form a new machine called a car.) 4. There is no better form or exercise to develop powers of...

Isotonic Breathing

Open the legs, tighten the fists and slightly lean over and concentrate on tightening all the muscles of the stomach as hard as you can. Try to crunch down the stomach muscles and squeeze the stomach muscles together (like an accordion). Do this around 15 seconds until you really begin to feel all the muscles of the stomach tightening. These exercises are excellent for learning to get the air out of the body, especially out of the stomach area. It helps one to practice mind control and concentration techniques

Unbendable Wrist

Unbendable Wrist Using an much mind control as possible and as little muscle as possible the student should attempt to hold his wrist straight and not let be bent backwards by the partner. One should exhale the breath during this trail and one should not let his wrist be bent while learning. In order to achieve this, when the student feels his wrist about to bend, he should tap his leg or say stop and then begin with his concentration again and another trial. This gives the student only positive reinforcement and will greatly improve his positive mental attitude. A projection of pushing the wrist straight up into the partners face should be concentrated upon also.

Arm on Head

This ends the section on beginning mind control The student should practice these techniques until he has mastered them and has begun to exhibit some sort of conscious control over his mind without losing or breaking his concentration, or shown an ability to concentrate on one idea or one thought until he can do it perfectly.

Day Five

KI can be developed by you, or by anyone who is willing to do the training required and to believe in themselves. You must not neglect a single exercise. You must be able to do 100 sits ups, 100 leg ups, and 20 side bends. You should develop a regular muscle strengthening program. 2 minutes of stomach breathing every day for at least a month. Isometric stomach breathing 5-way, beginning mind control exercises and meditation techniques all must be mastered. Progressive-positive training with the proper partner and you will soon be a master of Hard KI

One Must Keep Silent

Before presenting the mind-control exercises of the Ninja, it is important to have some idea why they work. Therefore I have started this section of the book with excerpts from the Nei Ching, the world's oldest known book on medicine. This begins with the Su Wen, a transcript of conversations between Huang Ti, the Yellow Emperor of China circa B.C. 3000, and Ch'i Po, his master physician.


Basically, the collusion between the players implies that the hypnotist will not injure or insult his assistants while they are onstage with him. If more than one volunteer is employed, most will go along with the gag, since they have their eyes closed, but can still hear the movements of the others as they comply with the simple directions of the performer. He, of course, acts as the director. By having his actors follow his commands, and by informing the audience what they are witnessing, he allows the imagination of each to do most of the work. For the most part, this is the secret of extra-corporeal mind control.

Breathing Exercises

Controlling The Breath this exercise trains one in the voluntary control of the breath by the conscious will of the mind. You will not be allowing the body to breathe normally but will be trying to force it to breathe as the mind wishes. Sit in the meditative posture and close the eyes. Take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and now slowly begin to breathe in for the count of 10, count each number silently to yourself. Now hold your breath without pressing down or lifting your shoulders up for the count of 10. Now begin to breathe out for the count of 10, trying to make the out-breathing slow and controlled and not breathe out all the air at the beginning of the out-breath. Immediately after you have breathed out for 10, begin to breathe in again for the count of 10. Hold it for 10 and out for 10. Do this exercise 10 times. You will find that you may start to sweat and that you really have to use a lot of muscles and mind control to stop your body from breathing in too quickly or...

Clock Balance Point

KI (Muscle, Breath & Mind Control) (3) Mind control. The specific concentration of mental powers and focus of the mind. The total concentration of your mental processes towards a specific goal, area, Third, you must have your mind controlled and focused to be aware that you are getting hit and to concentrate the muscles and breath simultaneously at the point of impact. Your mind must be at a constant ready and react immediately and precisely to the attack.

Exercise Three Storing our KI

If you skip exercises or rush through them too quickly because you don't understand why you are doing them and they seem silly and pointless, you will not get results from this book. In fact, you would need to read this chapter again because you are still letting your mind control your will. If you want results from this book or in your life generally, you have to learn to let your will control your mind.

Amazing Secrets Of The Martial Arts Masters

This shows a true mastery of the breath and a great deal of muscle and mind control. Do this exercise daily for a few weeks until you have been able to do all ten breaths in the correct count. There after you may do it as often as you wish for the benefits to the muscles, the body and the mind.

How To Develop A Perfect Body

It has been shown in research that is you think you can do something you have a much better chance of doing it than if you think you can't do it. Concentrating ones mind upon the breath is an excellent form of mind control that will enable you to have the confidence necessary to accomplish your desired action. Let me explain further what I have been saying to help you understand. Your mind controls your body and your mind controls your muscles, your mind controls your breath, but your breath enables your mind to control it, as well as enabling your mind to control your body. This is accepted fact in the Orient and understood by all who are trying to control their minds. They do not try to control their minds without first controlling their breath. (note-when I say mind control I do not mean it to be interpreted to mean something mystic and dangerous, but rather just the conscious effort by the student to control his thoughts to one point and exclude any other distracting thoughts and...

Appendix U Manifesting your reality The Techniques

Many people who have used the Silva mind control courses have reported the ability to be able to have remote sensing abilities when their alpha was achieved. Since the 70's there has been lots of investigation in mind control and use the use of ESP and Remote viewing each reporting remarkable results. I feel this is an area only just been tapped as remember the scientists don't really know what the other 95 of brain is used for.

Mental Strength

In addition to helping resist the abilities mentioned in the Basic Set, Mental Strength can replace Will when resisting chi powers (see Chi Projection, p. 46) or the Hypnotic Hands skill (p. 61). It's also good against mental effects contested by a score other than Will, such as Mind Control spells and truth drugs that target HT - make a DX-, IQ-, HT-, or Per-based Mental Strength roll to resist, as appropriate. Finally, Mental Strength can substitute for Will to stare down a foe or resist the same see The Contest of Wills (p. 130).

Hypnotic Hands

You can induce a trancelike state in others through hypnotic hand motions. You can only affect a single victim, who must see your hands. Hypnotic Hands doesn't work on those who are blind, facing away, etc., and is affected by any defense effective against hypnotism or chi-based mind control.


Meditation can serve to relax your mind, calm your nerves, soothe your spirit, and give you the necessary mind control to stay calm in the face of an emergency and use the appropriate action or avenue of escape. I suggest you practice your meditation techniques every day. I will present several different methods for your practice.

HUA 8th Kanji Mudra

Kuji Kiri Mudras

Editor's Note When Secrets of the Ninja was first published, Ashida Kim informed the publisher that two pictures were out of sequence in the Kuji Kiri section. This error was never corrected and caused a great deal of confusion over the years. This edition has made the necessary corrections to the text and sequence. It now conforms to the proper order and is the same as the exercise given in the revised edition of Ninja Mind Control and Iron Body Ninja, DOJO Press 2000.


Saiminjutsu ( the way ofthe mind gate, also spelled Hsimenjutsu) is the ninja's power of mind control. He can use this power to control the minds of others, both in and out of combat to reverse the same sort of control that has been imposed by another and to cloud men's minds, making him invisible to them. Common Limitations Gestures (- ) and Requires An EGO Roll (- ) 2u 8d6 Mind Control No Range (- ), 2u 8d6 Suppress Mind Control Common

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