old the ankles and try to get the knees down to the ground. Yo u may bounce, and push down with the elb ows.


Keep the legs straight and hold the knees.

Try to pull the head do^n till it touches the knees.


Sit on the ground and spread the legs as wide as you can. Now lean to the right and touch the head to the knee, then the left.

Finish touching the head to the ground in the middle.

If you are having trouble touching your head to the ground it is not your legs or back that is the problem. It is your Hips. The n ext exercise will help loosen your hips.

You can start ^ith your hand stiff then as you loosen up drop to your elbows and finally touch the head and hips to the ground


Open your

'pen your legs as wide as possible and try to force the knees and hips to the ground.

You on this stretch. Hold the final position for 5 to

10 seconds.

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