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How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days

How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days

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The other 6 points of balance just require a little practice to be able to use or to find upon a moments notice. They correspond to 3, 9, 2, 8, 10, 4 on a clock. To practice in the most effective manner the partners should change feet position and try to find the balance points that are available in each of these positions.

With a few days of practice you will be able to quickly find the balance points and should be able to begin to apply them to your sport, with the help of your coach, and by the use of common sense, and trial and error type of experimentation.

Circling and Non-resistance:

It is a simple rule to remember "if they push, you pull; if they pull, you push" and if you begin to use this rule you can stop the biggest of opponents and overcome the strongest of assaults. Force can be applied in only one direction. You cannot push forward and up at the same time, or to the right and left at the same time. The force in its direction of movement has the power. It has no power in the direction it is not moving because it is not there at all.

The three pictures on this page give graphic example of the push-pull method. Instead of pushing back against the opponent, you should grasp his arms and let him push you backwards. Then take a slight step and pull him, which is what he is trying to do to you. Then his strength becomes your strength. Now throw him by you and continue to walk forward, or to do your assignment.

Specialized Techniques for Applying Balance & Leverage to Football Situations:

For Blocking: Often when blocking it becomes simply a matter of who weighs more or is stronger. However if you will use speed and balance to step between the legs of the opponent you can effectively counter his size and strength.

As you keep off the line, instead of just pushing your body weight against him, step very far with your lead leg until it is between the legs of the opponent. This utilizes his 6, 12 balance points and causes him to fall backwards or at least move backwards. It takes just a lttle practice to take the longer step between the man's legs, but once mastered it is very fast and extremely effective.

and using his momentum throw him by you and continue to pursue the play.

As the blocker smashes into you, grasp his shoulders and let him push into you. Now simply let him momentum carry him by you as you step back and throw him around your body.

To Tackle: Often you will find yourself in the backfield weighing 175 lbs. with a 240 pound fullback rushing towards you. Unless you are really exceptional you will not be able to meet this man head on and tackle him. However, you can use his momentum to your advantage. Instead of trying to stop him by a head on tackle, just try to use his balance point to pull him directly to the ground, which is the direction his head is pointing anyway.

As you begin to make contact with the ball carrier, simply grasp hold of him and let him continue to run towards and over you.

As you begin to make contact with the ball carrier, simply grasp hold of him and let him continue to run towards and over you.

running over you. Remember: he is trying to run forward and you are not preventing him from running forward. You are simply

pushing his forward momentum into the ground and causing him to fall.

To Move Another Player: If you find yourself holding onto a big man and trying to move him with just the strength of your arms to either side, you will often find yourself unable to do it because he shifts his weight just as you try to move him and becomes too heavy for you to move. So to overcome this, you must fake a move to the right and then quickly reverse your move directly to the left, utilizing the 3-9 balance point:

Grasp the man at his shoulders and attempt to move him to the right. As he begins to shift his weight to the right to prevent this,

immediately snap your movement to the left. If you are quick enough, he will fall to the left and you can continue pursuit.

Chapter 5

KI (Muscle, Breath & Mind Control)

There is a force in your body that creates incredible power. This force when used will enable the body to perform almost superhuman feats. It will allow you to with stand extremes of weather. To take full power strikes to your body and receive absolutely no injury, even a bruise from a blow that would Kill a normal person. This is called HARD KI. To control your mental focus for hours, days. To develop inner strength an power you can only imagine. This is the power of KI, sometimes called Chi. And this is a power you can learn to develop and use at will for your entire life.

KI is a concept that is unfamiliar to many Americans, but understood and practiced by most Orientals. The concept of KI is 3000 years old and was developed by the Buddhist monks of the Sholan Monastery of China.

Many teachers only teach parts of the power of KI and the students learning do not fully develop their KI. We will be learning to develop and use Hard KI. To fully understand how to use and develop your KI you must understand that KI is really 3 elements in one. When all 3 elements are fully developed, you have full Hard KI. Hard KI uses all 3 elements to create its full power, and if you don't use all 3 elements, and develop each fully and independently you will not develop your full Hard KI.

So what are the 3 elements of Hard KI.

(1) Muscle control. The instantaneous tightening of specific muscles at the time of impact, and the development of essential muscles necessary to withstand various kicks and punches.

(2) Breath control. The science of controlling the rate and the movement of the breath. The ability to forcibly, at the instant of impact remove all breath from your body to allow the muscles full contraction of the muscles, and to strengthen the concentration of the mind.

(3) Mind control. The specific concentration of mental powers and focus of the mind. The total concentration of your mental processes towards a specific goal, area, or muscle. The ability for complete and total mental focus so that nothing can distract the minds power.

Separately these three forces constitute functions, activities and parts of your body, but when they are joined together and united at a specific time towards a specifid purpose they take on a single identity of a new force, called KI. KI can be used to protect you from receiving an injury associated with a punch or a blow, to increase your determination, give you courage, improve your skills, add to your strength, develop your concentration to extreme levels.

Why does KI work? It works because you are using all the powers available in your body to prevent an injury, not just your muscle. Too many people think that muscle alone can prevent an injury from a blow. But examples in ordinary life prove the fallacy of this belief. Your leg is all muscle and if someone were to hit you in the leg very hard, you would at the least get a bruise, perhaps a charley horse, or a muscle injury. That is because it is actually too much muscle and as such cannot give any with the blow. It is like a tree that got covered with snow and finally the weight of the snow breaks the tree down, while a smaller more flexible tree can bend and touch the ground and not break. Your leg has all muscle and no give, so a hard blow breaks the muscle tissue and causes the bruises. It is also possible to make the stomach very hard by the use of sit ups and leg ups and if you tighten it you can let someone punch you in the stomach. However take a deep breath of air into your stomach and let someone hit you in the stomach. A very slight blow would cause a significant amount of damage because the air acts like a balloon and explodes or pops in the stomach area causing internal damage. Let us suppose that you can take a punch in the stomach and you have let most of your air out. But before you are ready for the punch, someone comes up and asks you a question, momentarily distracting your attention, and you are suddenly hit. Needless to say, you could be very seriously injured because your mind was not prepared for the blow. So you can see it takes all three elements to protect the body from the effects of getting hit.

First you must have adequate muscle and muscle control so that your muscles are strong and can react and tighten at your will. You must be able to tighten and contract the muscles at the exact time and point of the impact of the blow.

Secondly, you must have some breath control and be breathing out, or moving your breath away from the area getting hit. You can not hold your breath and have Hard KI. You can not breath too fast, or too shallow, or forget to breath at all.

Third, you must have your mind controlled and focused to be aware that you are getting hit and to concentrate the muscles and breath simultaneously at the point of impact. Your mind must be at a constant ready and react immediately and precisely to the attack.

With these three factors working for you, your KI is said to be "flowing" and you are able to resist blows that would cripple normal people. Yet you too are normal. It is just that you have been able to, by practice, and the use of positive reinforcement and progressive training, apply your muscle, breath and mind to such states that you are able to focus them simultaneously and instantaneously to the area of impact when you see a blow about to occur.

We have already been shown exercises to strengthen the muscles, and to begin to concentrate and focus the mind. Now we will begin to do exercises to strengthen ones breath control. So we begin our development of KI by learn to control the breath.

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