Gammbordelia explained balance points to the Owls Thursday at Rice Stadium

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Thursday, Novembers, 1977

Austin, Texas r

Gambordella bends knife against nock

GambordelKi h;id no trouble getting the T^x-

as players' attention In five minutes Wednesday Few owners of a fifth-degree black belt -I tk'e Gambordella is - would

Defensive tackle Steve Massey volunteered - " the crowd pushed me" - for the expert-ment and the 6-3, 242-pound sophomore did his best to put a dent in Gambordella's rib c:ige and stomach. The 175-pound Gambordella barely flinched.

*it wasn't any bar-room su ing hut I jabbed him prettv good," Massey said. "He absorbed the heck out of 'em. I've never had anybody sav, 'Hit me." before He told me feter I was only 'the second guy to ever move him. Thai made mo feel better.

"He made a believer out of me It shows how strong your m ind can be /"

Unfortunate! v, Massey sprained his wrtfl But Akers still thinks Gambordella can prevent more injuries than he'll cause

"fie gave a lesson on how to breathe and con-trot vour breath during contact.- said Akeri, who immediate! v made a tentative verbal agreement to have Gambordella return for spring training "It it will decrease injuries, we re for it."

If there was any doubt about Gambordella's confidence in hfs'program, he removed it by jabbing a 10-inch, razor-sharp kmfe into his throat. Through muscle control the knife bent back down his neck. Mind over matter - even very sharp matter.

Gambordella's project began six months ago when he wrote two almost pamphlet-thin books


By KIRK BOHLS Sun Writer

Thirty-year-old Ted Gambordella barelv got his foot in (he door of Fr«l Akers' office Tuesday Considering the interest Akers first showed, that might as well have been ail he got In.

Gambordella started giving Akers a spiel about how to prevent football injuries but he might as well have been discussing the weather.

"So finally 1 just said. 'Give me five minutes and let the biggest player on your team hit me in the ribs as hard as he can ' That got his attention," Gambordella said.

A traveling salesman in a sense, the karate ex perl is traveling around the country trying to sell a program of injury prevention based on the martial arts. But. he insist, this is no snake-oil rouilne.

Nothing I do is mystic a!," Gambordella says. ''It's mind control techniques based on relaxation Its something that's new It's how i get hit wirhouf getting injured

_ 44-page "The tnri oi injuries ana wveu Dflv.s to Self Defense" for women - but had to publish them himself.

He'd like to get a national publication to pick up Uic rights to these book? although he would expand on them. But he claims he can't gel rhem published because New York publishers tell him he has to first have an agent. Agent* tell htm he must publish a book first.

Caught in his Catch-22 world. Gambordella Is living off his savings from running health spas, driving through the southern United States in his 1975 blue Porsche, and promoting his theories.

■\treadv he's given lessons to NBA teams Houston Rockets and the New Orleans Jaz? and colleges like Rice, Baylor and L5U The last three weeks he worked at Rice and the St John's and St Thomas high schools in Houston, earning about SI.000.

He'll probabtv make about the same amount when he returns to Austin next spring to instruct the 'Horns at the rate of SiO-per-p!ayer ¡His package includes five lessons for IS 30 mm lutes each.

Thev i Texasj spend $12,000 a year on tape." Gambordelia estimated. * I know the Oilers

is for making a maximum lift, and women have found out thai breath can help relieve the pa in of childbirth.

By practicing 'he breath-control techniques, an athlete tan begin to control his mind jnd muscles, and improve his performance and reduce his chances of injury. For if a player loses control of his breath, and starts to breathe too rapidly or too deeply,, hi is not able to concentrate on the game, but only on catching his breath. Obviously, he will riot be performing at top potential.

[f coaches and player* learned the simple techniques of breath control, many of the injuries that are caused by lack of concern ration could be prevented.

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