Il ding muscles without weights

4 Way B reathing is a way to tighten all the muscles of the body, especially the abs and back. It is an extreme isometric exercise and forces you to concentrate on getting all the air out of your body and tightening the muscles.

Start with the arms in front of the body and slowly move the arms straight up, tightening every muscle and concentrating on removing all the air from the stomach. Return the arms, and no^ go out to the side, then to the front and finally straight do^n.

After you h ave done the H way breathing holds the arms to the sides of the body and really tighten and squeeze the stomach muscles, breathing out, and squeezing very very hard to clear all the air fro^ the stomach.

Th is exercise helps develop l\l and I test my l\l by punching myself in the stomach very hard. You do not have to punch yourself, unless you wwant to.

uilding muscles without weights

I so m etric breathing is an i m porta nt concept and exercise to und erst and. It is a

In n t is in all forms and called sonchin in style of karate. It is very simple to explain, but very difficult to master. Unlike tai chi, which is breathing very soft and moving very fluid. I< breathing very forcefully and moving very hard, but slo^.

Isometric breathing is

To do the exercises you must first start wwith the body very tight and concentrate on the breath.

You can punch across the body, to the side of the body, to the front of the body, down and even up.

You must force al the air out, and tighten all the muscles on each punching or pushing drill.

You can also push out the legs in a low kick and breath out very hard and tighten the muscles very hard. Remember to breath slowwly, move slowly and concentrate.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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