Incline Press

The In cline rress is a better exercise for b uild in q a large beautiful chest than the bench. It works the upper pecs and shoulders and gives the chest a full and hard look that is not achieved by doing flat bench. I do a lot of inclines and for many years only did inclines with ver y little flat bench.

Warm up d oinq fuI extension reps. L- sets of

10 to 15 reps.



Here I grip the bar with my hand about as wide

as my chest and I use a half up motion. I do not go all the up. I only go about 5 to 12 inches.

I do 5 to 8 sets of 35 to 75. It is im portant to watch your breathing because you can easily run out of breath doing inclines. Be sure to breath every few reps. And it is also important n it to have a spotter to help lift the bar off your chest if you are forcing the last few reps. Unlike the flat bench. You really cant cheat and put the bar up on the incline. When y our chest is exhausted you wwill need help to put the bar up.


Here once again I do not go all the way up, I use half ups and q o about 6 to 12 inches. I do i sets of 35 to 50.

Let me say that I do not advocate doing squats with the bar on your back. This has always hurt my back and will wind up hurting yours. You ca get the sa^e results doing the squats fro^ your back, or on a

11 u hack squat machine, where

40 reps.


Regular Curls

Stand ^ith the feet about shoulder width apart and curl the weight straight up. I alternate ar^s, and one ar^ at a ti^e so I can concentrate on the exercise.


Cross overs

Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart and curl the weight up and across the body. You can alternate ar^s, or us< weights in both hands. Turn the weight over as you curl up.

Do 4 sets of 12 to 16

Ripped Abs Cubed

Th is curl is done raising the arm straight up and curling the weight. I use heavy weights and really push the body to build the . So I do less reps.

iscle ,

Triceps extensions

Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart lift the arms straight up in the air. Drop the weight directly behind the head and then push it up. Concentrate on the triceps. Be sure to keep the elbow straight.

Th is is a concentration curl and really concentrates the muscles of the biceps. Sit in the chair and curl the weight up across the body. Keep the elbow on the knee..


Th is is the only type of squat I reco^^end. It does not hurt the back or knees. Hold the weights in both hands and squat do^n, then back up.

Do 4 sets of 12 to 16


I never walk without my weights, even when playing golf. The weights give you twice the effect of regular walking. Th e walking helps tone your legs, butt and back, and the weights work your upper body.

I walk at least 1 mile to 3 miles, very q times a week, sometimes 5.

I curl the weights across my body. Alte mating hands.

Sometimes I punch the weights in front of my body. Twisting the ^rist at the end of the punch

When my biceps ge t tire d I immediately go to triceps extensions wwith alternating arms.

I do this as many times as I can, usually about a m ยก1 <

Muscle Strengthening Without Weights:

Often the athlete will find himself without the use or the availability of a weight room, so he must have within his repertoire the ability to strengthen his muscles without the use of weights or machines. The muscles will begin to atrophy within 76 hours if they are not stimulated in some exercise fashion that causes them to perform hard work. Floor exercises should be fast, effective and convenient.

We will work the four major muscle groups of the body using the following sets of floor exercises: (1) pushups for the chest and triceps; (2) sit ups and leg ups for the abdominal, knees, and groin; (3) jump rope for the arms, the legs and heart.

The body requires approximately 12 minutes of exercise a day in order to stimulate the heart and work the muscles sufficiently to keep them in good shape. The following program takes about 15 minutes and requires no large area, no loud noises, no particular uniforms and can be done by anyone of any age.

I suggest that you do these exercises every day that you do not have weights available for training, especially if you are actively engaged in athletics.

uilding muscles without weights chair t r i o e p s

You can pu^p up the triceps by doing dips fro^ a chair. It also works the chest. Hold the ar^s of the chair and dip do^n as low as you can. Concentrate on the triceps and chest.

sets of


Building muscles without weights

You can pu^p up the triceps by doing dips fro^ the bumper of a truck, or car. It also works the chest. Hold the ar^s of the chair and dip do^n as low as you can. Concentrate on the triceps and chest.

do O sets of 50 reps

Building muscles without weights

You can pu^p up the triceps on the ground without weights by lifting the body off the ground and dipping do^n to the middle. Concentrate on the triceps.

uilding muscles without weights w * \

I do a modified push up where I do not co^e all the way up. I keep my ar^s fairly close to the body and go all the way down, but only up about 6 to 12 inches. Th is really pu^ps the chest, ar^s and shoulders.

I do sets of 100 to 150. I do 5 to 10 sets. For 500 to 1,000 push ups.

Building muscles without weights super push ups

Th is is done the same way as super push ups, but with the arms held close together, to really work the inside of the chest. I go all the wway down, but only up about 6 to 12 inches. This really pu^ps the chest, ar^s and shoulders.

You heard me right. You can do sit ups from a chair and work the a b s just as hard as if you we re on the ground. You si m ply crunch your abs to the left and right and then down the middle. The very effective and really work the abs.

i ey are

do sets o f 50 t o each side

S its ups

You cant do enough sits. I do hundreds a day, sometimes a thousand. I do them without imy feet pushed against anything or under anything, and I lean to the right and left when I work, so I can work each side of the abs and the muscles that surround the

I never put the hands behind the head, and never go all the way back. When you go to d own to the ground and lie flat you are resting, and when you start to come up you hurt your neck, and do not work your abs.

always t^ist to the side and punch up to work y a r m s to o .

I do sets of 50 on each side and the 150, then I rest and do it again. Th

50 in the middle. Tor a total of t. I do 5 sets for 750

is is one se sits ups.

Crunches are a modified sit up i that tightens the abs but doesnt hurt the back. Th is time you put your hands behind the head and crunch up as far as you can, at least 6 inches off the ground.

Crunches are a modified sit up

You can also pull th legs into the arms T

really concentrate the crunch.

mr^m eft

Hold the ar^s straight up and pull yourself off the ground. You can also pull the legs back and try to touch the toes as you lift the head towards the legs.

Do 3

Lie on your back and put your hands behind your head. Lift the butt off the ground and up as high as you can. Drop your weight down first to the right side then to your left side. This will help strengthen you lower back. Do 4 sets of 12 to 16 reps.

_ eg lifts in a chair

You can really work the lower abs by doing leg lifts in a chair. You can concentrate on the legs and use the chair for support and not hurt the back. Keep the legs straight and lift them straight up.

For a variation you can curl them straight back.

do sets of

I_eg lifts

Leg Lifts are important for several reasons. The y work the lower a bs and the help strengthen the back, as 'well as the knees. Keep the toes pointed and the leqs straiqht. You can lift them straiqht up or curl them back into the abs.

I do a lot. I try to do them for 3 minutes without stopping. I usually do 180 or more in the O minutes.

Side bens really work to get rid of that love muscle or bulge around the wwaist. Hold one hand on the head and lean to the right and left side as far as you can.

Do 3

sets fo 25

reps each side.

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