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The type of meditation we are using is simply concentration on one point, or one technique, so that no outside distractions can interfere with this concent ration If the player can learn this intense concentratkin, his performance will be greatly improved—along with his chances for safety A side beneiit will be a player who learns faster in class, and at practice, and is more intense during the game.

What else can be done to stop this epidemic of injuries'!

Lei s start wth the pros For instance, in football it should be a league policy that sportsmanship—not winning—is to be the highest virtue on the field, tmpose to most people, but ask one oí the players who is now confined to a wheelchair it it sounds 10« harsh. The simple fact is that the violence can be made <0 slop—if we make it stop.

In colleges, institute a three-hour credit course for all prospective coaches, trainers, and players on injury prevention Make it the school policy to play athletics for the benefit of the whole man, or woman, and not just to win. Institute mandatory injury prevention techniques into practice sessions and make good sportsmanship a school policy. Throw out the players, and take away the scholarships of those who are flagrant or constant violators.

In high schools, make injury prevention a primary goal of the sports programs. Make sure the coach is trained in injury prevention techniques, and give him enough |ob security so that he can develop the young men and women of the school as athletes without fear of losing his 10b. Make good sportsmanship the school's policy, and disqualify -my player who is a flagrant violator.

As parents, demand that the schools institute iniury prevention programs and go to the practice sessions to see what is being done by the coach to prevent in-luries. If you are not satisfied that the coach is doing everything possible for the safety of the students, either lake your child oui of thr program or complain to the school system. Understand that winning isn't everything, and only one team, or man or woman, can win. Don't expect perfection of your child—but do e*p«t good sportsmanship.

As a student, begin your own program of injury prevention it the school doesn't have one Ask the coach what he is doing to prevent injuries before you sign up tor the team, Always demónstrale good sportsmanship, and play to win—but not to win at all costs.

Finally, asa spectator, you musí begin to understand that you are the primary reason for the violence m sports. If you see a player who constantly exhibits bad sportsmanship, demand that the player be benched, or disqualified, or boycott the games Winning at ail costs, total perfection and "America loves a winner, and hates a loser" ■ These are the attitudes that are costing us the lives of dozens of America 5 finest athletes each year, and crippling hundreds ot thousands. It 1» time sports straightened themselves out, and the solution is at hand If the public vision. Very simply, this involves fitting the floor, or standing, and not on moving the eyes, whiJc the teacher tells the student all I he thing* he cait see in the room without moving his eyes, Coaches should spend at Wajt one minute each tension letting (he players practice thii a penalty of up to 50 yards for a deliberate clip or maflcious hit. Throw the offending player out of the game: and if ¡1 happens again on the same team, throw the coach out of the game. The third time, the team should be disqualified. I know I his wunds outrageous demands it. iafety in spvrts wit] become a tact ol lUe in the future. Q

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