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How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days

How To Be An Expert Persuader In 20 Days

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Q. What if you don't see the blow coming?

A. 9 out of 10 times you do see the blow coming because it is illegal in most sports to hit the man from behind, and because you see the blow coming you will be able to react in time. Get in the habit of always being ready when on the field or playing. Don't let your guard down. Keep the muscles tense but not tight. Keep the breath under control. Do not get lazy and start breathing into stomach and keep the mind concentrated and prepared for a blow at any time. Remember the play is not over till you are in the huddle, the referee has the ball or the final gun has blown. I guess the best motto is to "Stay Prepared."

Q. How do I practice without getting hurt?

A. Practice in progressive steps using only positive reinforcement, start out with a tap, and only build up the power of the hits a very little at a time, as your technique progresses and your mind and body become stronger and more confident. So always use a partner that wants to help you learn, not one that wants to see you get hurt.

Q. How often should I practice my KI?

A. You should do your breathing exercises every day, your sit ups every day, your muscle training 3 times a week, your meditation and beginning mind control exercises every day for at least 3 months. By then you will have learned all the techniques well enough to take almost any blow without receiving an injury.

Then you may practice these exercises 3 times a week. Remember that your KI is as much technique as it is mind control and so you must practice your technique by letting people hit you. If you have not let anyone hit you for 4 weeks, your technique will not be as sharp, therefore your KI will not be as good. It is just like any sport, you must practice specific techniques quite often to stay in top condition.

Q. When should I not practice?

A. Do not try to do KI when you have been drinking. Alcohol deludes one into thinking he has more power than he really has; never when on drugs; or after eating - wait at least an hour; and do not try it just as you wake up, wait until you are fully awake and your mind is very clear. Also if you ever feel like you don't want to get hit, or just don't have any KI that day, then you are right and you should not practice your KI because you are not really doing KI for you have not got the absolute mind beliefs necessary to do it correctly.

Q. How do I do all these things in a game situation?

A. You already should have the muscle strength from your muscle training, and you can practice your breathing exercises before the game. Use the time you have in the huddle or before the ball is snapped or when you are on the sidelines to keep the mind concentration at a top level.

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