Stomach Breathing or KI Storing

Stomach Breathing: The purpose of this exercise is to store your KI in your body. What you should be thinking when you are doing this exercise is that you are storing KI power in your body and this power will be used to prevent your injuries. While you are practicing the breathing, keep thinking in your mind that you are storing KI power in your body.

Breath out thru the mouth and concentrate on storing the KI in your KI center, about 2 inches below the n28el.

Stand with the feel wide, arms by the side, hands clinched and breath deeply into the stomach thru the nose.

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart with the arms by the side and the hands closed into fists. Keep the mouth shut and breathe through the nose. Keep the back straight and the neck and heart in a straight line. Begin to breathe in slowly but instead of filling your chest with air, breathe into the stomach, filling it with air. Hold it a few seconds and begin to breathe out slowly, pulling in on the stomach gently as you breathe out. Hold it a few seconds and repeat the exercise. Do this exercise for 2 minutes, all the time concentrating on the KI being stored. If you lose your concentration, stop the exercise. This exercise only works when you believe and concentrate on the fact that you are storing a power and when you keep the mind concentrated on your breathing. You are doing this exercise both to control your breath and to practice mind focus or concentration. Do this every day for at least 3 months, and then at least twice a week after you have developed your KI sufficiently to receive very hard blows without injury.

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