The important points to remember

• never try to break the fall with your wrist

• keep the legs straight, or the knees bent to avoid knee injuries during or after the fall

• slap the ground very hard

• exhale your air to keep it from being knocked out.

Practice - Beginners:

Grounding Mindfulness Exercise

a. kneel on the ground with the right leg in front of the left leg b. slowly let yourself fall to the right, slapping the ground very hard with the right arm (note distance of arm from body), keep the knees bent c. keep the head off the ground Practice this fall 12 times to each side


a. stand up with the right leg swinging across in front of the left.

b. slap the ground very hard before you hit, keep the shoulder curled forward c. keep the knees bent d. exhale your air forcefully to avoid having it knocked out

Practice this fall 12 times to each side.


c. slap the ground very hard, yell, and keep the knees bent

Practice this fall 12 times to each side.

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