Unbendable Wrist

Unbendable Wrist: Using an much mind control as possible and as little muscle as possible the student should attempt to hold his wrist straight and not let be bent backwards by the partner. One should exhale the breath during this trail and one should not let his wrist be bent while learning. In order to achieve this, when the student feels his wrist about to bend, he should tap his leg or say stop and then begin with his concentration again and another trial. This gives the student only positive reinforcement and will greatly improve his positive mental attitude. A projection of pushing the wrist straight up into the partners face should be concentrated upon also.

Steps in "unbendable wrist":

1. Stand with feet shoulder width and place your wrist in the partners hands.

2. Concentrate on the index finger and on the fact that your wrist "cannot be bent".

3. Slowly exhale your air, as the partner tries to bend your wrist backwards.

4. If you feel the wrist bending, stop the trial and begin a new one.

5. Imagine that you are pushing your wrist up into the sky, or into his face while he is trying to bend it.

6. Practice daily until mastered. (This should take a week to get to be able to do adequately, and 1 month to master.)

Cautions: Do not let the partner bend the wrist on the trials. This can hurt the wrist and give negative reinforcement.

Results: increased ability to concentrate; increased muscular control; increased confidence in your self; training of the mind to control the muscles.

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